Website Updating: Gas Stations (Part 1 of ??)

Here’s a decent-sized, first batch from this section.

This little prefabricated station in Santa Barbara, CA is gone now:

This former Mobil canopy in Colusa, CA is gone now:

This double-canopy Phillips 66 station in Gardena, CA sat vacant for many years. It was demolished recently:

This former Standard Oil station in Miami, FL was demolished a few months ago:

The former Sinclair station housed the closed Garden Cafe in Dade City, FL for many years:

It now houses Perks Cafe and the Wine Library:

The long vacant station in Pensacola, FL is now being restored:

The plan is something like this:

This former Cities Service station in Atlanta, GA:

will soon be demolished for this monstrosity:

This former Gulf station in Atlanta, GA housed this BBQ place for a few years before a fire in 2011. It’s been closed since then:

The building is now being renovated. It looks like they are walling up the canopy area with glass windows and adding another bay-like area to the left:

This abandoned canopy in Heyburn, IA is gone now:

This former station in Pana, IL is gone now:

This former station in South Bend, IN is gone now:

This former Pure Oil station in Indianapolis, IN was in bad shape for many years. It has been restored:

More gas stations coming soon.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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