Website Updating: Giant Foods, Greyhound Bus Stations, and Soft Drink Bottling Plants

There are only a couple of noteworthy changes to the Giant Foods section. This giant apple was at Rokeby Orchards Aylmer, ON. The business closed in 2020 and the apple is gone now:

This giant ice cream cone was on a front lawn in Corpus Christi, TX since at least 2007. It was decorated and painted for different holidays. It’s gone now:

From the Bus Stations section — the Greyhound station in Bakersfield, CA was demolished in July:

The former Greyhound station in Daytona Beach, FL was repainted earlier this year:

The former Greyhound station in Wichita, KS…:

has been remodeled and it’s not good:

Maybe it’s not done yet — but the plans don’t look much better. Why is grey such a popular color? And that wood siding – ugh! – why? and for an architectural firm no less!:

The long-vacant former Greyhound in Baltimore, MD is now being renovated for SquashWise:

The plans:

The former Greyhound station in Clarksdale, MS began housing a Wingstop earlier this year (as evidenced by the new pole sign):

Around 2020, this Greyhound station in Corvallis, OR closed and the sign was removed:

And now — remodeled as a State Farm office:

Moving on to the Bottling Plant section. This former Coca-Cola bottling plant in Frederick, MD is now housing the Cugino Forno pizza restaurant:

The Pepsi bottling plant in New Bern, NC was demolished in 2020:

I hope someone saved the mosaic:

The Coca-Cola plant in Paris, TX has replaced its signs. Here’s what it looked like before 2022:

and now:

The Coca-Cola plant in Tyler, TX might have also been getting some crappy plastic signs ready when the Google car shot it last in April. The metal letters in my photo below are gone now but the revolving pole sign is still there (for now):

I’ll be back soon with another post for Drive-in Theatres and some Signs (the SCA article companion pages section).

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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