June/July Trip – Final Post! Day 32 & 33 (Colorado)

Whew! That was a heavy lift. These five-week trips take a solid, every day effort for four months. I’m happy to have another 4,000 photos up at my website and glad I can move on to the winter project (more about that later). So, let’s get on with the last batch of photos.

Some signs from Colorado Springs:

I don’t know the original businesses for these two:

This place was originally the 4-U Court:

The former Dun Rovin’ Motel has been adapted for the Dun Rovin’ Plaza used car lot:

From Lakewood:

From Denver:

Next door at Boulevard Liquors:

At the Red Pine Motel:

This sign-topper is at the Dive Inn:

Two from the Surplus for Less:

This sign was still fairly intact in 2015 — from Google Street View:

… but now:

A sad outcome but….maybe glass half full. I guess. The original…

… Now in the lobby of a new apartment building on the former site:

And now, for some non-signs. This giant rubber duck, aka Quackals, is at the Quick Quack Car Wash in Colorado Springs. There were 30 locations in Utah, Texas, California, and Colorado. I don’t know how many of these ducks were made but there were a couple of others in Amarillo, TX which I shot that seem to be gone now.

There are about 8 different Humpty Dumpty statues in downtown Colorado Springs:

The Riverboat Car Wash in Denver:

This teepee is at the corner of the Arapahoe Library in Centennial:

Lastly, a former Sinclair gas station (yes, the Phillips 66 design but they were Sinclairs in Colorado) in Denver that was adapted for the Snarf’s Sandwiches chain:

And with that… I’ll be moving on to the annual website updating project. This gruesome but necessary task will take every moment of free time until the spring. It’s part of my grand effort to keep my website as current as possible. I check all the external links to make sure they all work (delete the ones that have gone away), split up the pages that have gotten ridiculously long, and check all the clickable maps in the descriptions to see the most current views. If stuff has been demolished, remodeled, repainted, etc., I update the descriptions and add blog posts here with the “news.” Granted, it’s mostly depressing stuff but maybe it’s motivating as well to encourage you to preserve or at least photograph what’s out there while you can.

Some facts about this trip: in 33 days, we covered 19,971 miles (about 605 mi. per day). Gator consumed $5746 in gas, plus four oil changes, and two tires.

If you’re wondering where the “kids” and I will be heading NEXT June…. I’ll be heading back to Colorado and then moving on to Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. Before all that, I’ll do some local California trips. In the spring, I plan on taking a four-day Reno roadtrip/roadtest to make sure that Gator is ready for the Big One.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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