June/July Trip – Day #29 & #30 (Colorado)

Just a few more days to go on this trip. Day 29 was a low-shooting day (remote cities) so I’m combining with Day 30 for a nice juicy post. Pardon the grey skies for a lot of these photos.

This wooden sign is in Wray:

This motel sign is in Burlington:

This sign is in Springfield:

I believe these U Pump It stations are only in Colorado. This one is in Canon City:

I stumbled upon a sign collection with dozens of signs in Canon City. Here are just a couple:

I recognized this sign…:

… that used to be part of a larger sign in Fort Scott, KS. The owner in Canon City must have added back the neon:

One more sign from Canon City:

The rain let up just enough to shoot this sign in Rye:

This sign is in Pueblo:

These three signs are in Trinidad:

This add-on sign is at a Chinese restaurant in Walsenburg:

Also in Walsenburg:

This one is in Trinidad:

This Masonic Lodge sign, buried in the trees, is in Rocky Ford. It has backlit stained glass inserts:

This partial, former Tastee-Freez sign is in Fort Garland:

The Neon Alley in Pueblo has dozens of restored and recreated signs. One of my favorites is this plumbing faucet sign. I don’t know where it came from:

This is a recreation of a sign that was in Dubuque, IA:

The original sign is now in storage:

One more sign from Pueblo:

On to some non-signs. From Eads — this eagle statue is part of the welcome sign which reads “Home of the Eagles”:

This bank is in Fort Morgan:

This dome building is at Lamar Middle School in Lamar:

Five little domes in La Junta:

This quonset hut theatre is in Walsh:

Lastly, this cute little caboose food stand in Fowler:

I think I can wrap up this trip (and Colorado) with one more blog post by combining two short days and a long one.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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