June/July Trip – Day #19 (More South Dakota)

Let’s get back to South Dakota photos. Let’s start with some signs in Sioux Falls:

This sign was put up for sale on eBay in 2015 but I guess the price was too high and so it remains:

This sign is at the Sport Bowl. If you like bowling signs half as much as I do, I’ve got nine very full pages at my website here:


This business moved in 2012 and the sign disappeared for a while. I’m glad to see it’s back up at the new location:

This company is moving but supposedly both of their scaffold signs will be integrated into the new development. Fingers crossed:

This sign is in Yankton:

This incredible Pontiac dealership sign is/was located at Spomer Classics in Worthington, MN. The owner had decided to close the museum and sell off most of the signs when I was there in June:

This sign is also in Worthington, MN:

Back to South Dakota. These two signs are on the Beseda Hall building (a Czech community center) in Tabor:

This sign hangs in downtown Colton despite the business being closed. These Deere signs are very popular with collectors and I can’t think of any like this one still on public display:

Let’s move on to a couple of statues. This Mr. Bendo is in Sioux Falls. If International Fiberglass statues are your thing, you’ll LOVE this section at my website:


This Jackalope in Mitchell was missing his antlers for a while and there were signs not to sit on him. But he’s been restored and now they even have little steps so that you can pose for those photo-ops:

Very sad to see this canopy station in Tripp like this. I was told that a truck hit it a couple of weeks before I was there. I’m hoping they can repair it:

Let’s close with a couple of midcentury modern buildings in Sioux Falls. This Minnehaha County Administration Building was originally a courthouse:

I couldn’t find any info about this beauty but it’s apparently always housed medical offices:

Be back soon with yet more South Dakota. I’ve got about two more days worth of photos for that state to photoshop and add to my website.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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