June/July Trip – Day #18 (More South Dakota)

This towering pole sign is in Aberdeen. I don’t believe LSN Inc. exists anymore but I’m grateful that this fun sign remains:

The Asian Garden in Aberdeen has closed but this nice detail over the entrance survives:

The Cloverleaf Bar & Grill is located on the corner of the Berens Hotel is in Selby:

The chrome, wedge-shaped motel sign panel in Huron was previously painted yellow and the text, obviously, had neon:

This sign is also in Huron:

Pizza King (despite the spelling on the sign) opened in this location in Brookings in 1961. I suspect the sign was adapted from another business at that time:

This sign at the Flame Steakhouse in Aberdeen is installed on top of the readerboard:

This sign is located in Mobridge:

This Zesto location is located in Pierre. The Zesto section at my website is here:


On to some statues…. This wolf sculpture was created by John Lopez and is in installed in front of Northern State University in Aberdeen:

These two steer statues in Miller have dominated this downtown corner since the late 1950s:

These bronze sculptures of Weary Wil and Dirty Lil are located on the campus of SDSU in Brookings:

Let’s closed with a couple of buildings. The former College Theatre in Brookings:

This Masonic Temple in Mobridge was built in an Egyptian Revival style. For more buildings in this style, see my website here:


More South Dakota coming soon.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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