June/July Trip – Day #15 (More North Dakota)

I still have about 19 more days/blog posts to go for this trip. I’m optimistically hoping that I can get all of the photos up at my website (and these little blog posts) by the end of October.

Let’s start with this sign in Bismarck. I’m sure there were different plastic panels here originally but it’s still cool, especially the snowflakes:

This Gordy’s Bar sign in Cando would look a lot nicer with the plastic covers removed:

This sign is in Devils Lake:

Another sign in Devils Lake. The torch on top is not original to the porcelain enamel panels below. I believe it was for a Standard Oil “As You Travel With Us” sign produced in the 1960s/1970s:

This sign is also in Devils Lake — special enough but….

what is extra special is the original rooftop signs which none of the remaining locations have:

This sign is at the Wonder Lanes in New Rockford:

Moving on to some statues. This concrete turtle is in Belcourt. There a several giant turtles in North Dakota due to their proximity to the Turtle Mountains:

Sandy the Sandhill Crane is in Steele and is 40 feet tall:

This giant buffalo in Jamestown is 26 feet tall:

How about a couple of theatres? This one is in Langdon:

and this one is in New Rockford:

A couple of Art Deco buildings. This courthouse is in Bismarck:

The Towner County Soldiers memorial is in Cando:

And lastly, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Bismarck is from 1945:

One more full day of North Dakota after this before we move on to South Dakota. More photos coming soon since Labor Day is giving me three days of basically uninterrupted time at the computer.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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