4-Day Northern California Trip

This was my last little practice trip before the June five-weeker. Gator ran great for the 2419 miles, mostly in the mountains, forests and tiny towns. The dogs and I were exhausted but I guess we are now ready for the biggie. I’m going to lump this sampling of photos into one post.

It’s hard to believe that this Plymouth Chrysler sign in Martinez is still there. I don’t know if there are any others left.

In 2011, there were still blue plastic letters on the building for the dealership (gone now):

I got to check out the new home of this sign in San Jose at the right time of day. It’s now at History Park:

This rock, paper, scissors sculpture in Los Altos is entitled “Conversation Peace:”

This adapted clock sign is in St. Helena. It may have been built for Ray’s Place which was there by 1956. Ana’s has been here since at least the 1980s:

These “Happy Goats” are sipping wine at Four Seasons Vineyard Management in Geyserville:

This photographer goat is also at the same place but I could not find a way to shoot him without the chain link in the way:

The Barrel Man in Geyserville used to hold a bottle in his right hand (yes, this is wine country):

It was raining when I took this photo in Mad River:

I was happy to see that the pole sign in Eureka is still in the back behind Bob’s Fine Cars. Although it’s sad that it’s still laying there. I don’t the city will let them reinstall it. It was in front of the business until it fell over around 2014.

This is what it looked like in 2008 (this side didn’t have bulbs):

This sign in Eureka had neon until around 2017:

This is what it looks like now:

This sign is also in Eureka. The fog made the peeling paint look even more dreary. But maybe you like that?

This former motor court is in Weaverville:

This sign in Shasta Lake is at the Oasis Fun Center had different letter panels originally. They read “GOLF” with the word “Mini” above the G:


This sign is in Mount Shasta. Although the paint is pretty “peely”, it looks like the neon is intact:

Let’s do some sign details. This sign is also in Mount Shasta — at the Veteran’s Club. The bulbs have little plastic caps over them:

This detail is from the Shasta Lodge sign in Redding:

One more detail — from the Yreka Welcome Sign in Yreka. The R and the K still have these metal projections from when the sign hung downtown from 1917-1934. In 1977, it was finally brought out of storage and put at its current location. I’m glad they left the two little hangers. This is one of the best examples of Federal Electric sectional signs:


More dreary weather towards the end of this trip. This sign is in Portola:

This cute sign is also in Portola:

This one is in Quincy:

And, lastly, this sweet walk-up ice cream and burger stand from 1962 is also in Quincy:

This blog will be quiet until July when we get home and I start putting the photos together. I’m now starting to add all the photos from this weekend to my website. You might want to check out the Flickr photos that I posted from this trip (different from these at this blog post):


Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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