Day 32: More Atlanta and Northern Georgia

This post covers the last full day of Georgia.

Judging from the holes, this sign in Newnan must have had neon over the Tourist Hotel text. It looks like its probably from the 1930s or 1940s and has probably been repainted at least a few times:

This remodeled sign in Atlanta caught my attention:

I was able to find out a little bit about it when I got home. It was built for the Stewart-Lakewood Center mall, which later became the Crossroads Mall. The mall opened in 1952 but expanded over the years. This sign might be from then or the 1960s:

This beautiful green vitrolite storefront in Cedartown originally housed Woodward & Son Jewelers:

The original terrazzo floor is still there as well:

These vacuum form Gulf gas signs are super rare now. This one is in Rome. The station was skanky so I didn’t shoot/not including that:

The Candyland restaurant and gift shop chain had at least four locations in Georgia and Florida that had these cool pyramid-ish roofs:

The Lake Park building was demolished around 2020:

I got a few photos in 2010:

The restaurant building in McDonough was demolished just a few months before I got there in July but the smaller motel office building is still there (formerly Red Carpet Inn, now Howard Johnson):

The Zesto Drive-in chain was established in Jefferson City, MO in 1945. By the early 1950s, there were dozens of locations all over the country. I’ve documented all of the surviving buildings and signs at my website here:

There are about four locations still operating in the Atlanta area. These two signs are from the Forest Park location. I think they are from the early 1970s:

This Piedmont Rd. location in Atlanta was built in 1953. I’m not sure how much is original but it has a fun look anyway. I find that retro super shiny chrome stuff along the roof irritatingly faux-diner-ish but most people probably love it. I couldn’t find any 1950s photos to show if the slanty wedge roof was there in the 1950s:

I like the confetti style tile – abstracted icicles?

And the sputnik and spaceship light fixtures inside might be vintage:

This motel and sign are in Bremen. They have been there since at least the 1960, probably since the 1950s:

The Groover Shoe Repair shop is in Rome. This sign used to be part of a pole sign near the road. It’s now relegated to the side of the building. The store opened in 1940 and this sign might be from then:

There’s also a skeleton sign in the window:

This triangulated, marquee-like sign is also in Rome. There was actually a movie theatre here originally, the Gordon Theatre, from 1940-1954. The Partridge Restaurant moved here in 1962. The building’s facade has been covered with siding for decades. The restaurant closed in 2017 and the building is still vacant.

The S&S Cafeteria opened here in Atlanta in 1968. There were at least seven other locations and six are still operating in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina. This location closed in 2018 but the signs are still there while the restaurant remains vacant:

Lastly, this little place in Griffin is known as the Griffin Dog House. It has a giant hot dog over the entrance and the split Coke bottle is installed on both sides of the building:

I’ll be back soon with a little more Georgia and some shots from Tennessee.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

Bonus shot of me and the kids after a racecar session:

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