Website Updates: Signs (Part 6 – Final!)

This is a quick one. Many states had no tragedies over the past year. Here come the “W”s. The Yakima Sports Center sign in Yakima, WA:

was restored in 2019 and Google has the new StreetView up now:

Bob’s Grill in Chetek, WI closed in 2018 and this sign was removed. It was donated to the Chetek Area Historical Society:

The Chetek Cafe moved into the space and put its sign where the Bob’s sign was:

However, this sign from the old location is no longer on display. The old location was demolished:

This modern sign in Mosinee, WI was removed around 2019:

The Old Town Bar had been closed since 2013. The building in Superior, WI was demolished around 2019 and the sign was gone. It was going to be displayed inside the Thirsty Pagan bar. However, it doesn’t sound like that ever happened:

otbar.jpg (709×1037)

This sign in Charles Town, WV:

… got a little modification around 2018 — Rodeway Inn had to add their name to the middle. OK, it could have been a LOT worse:

That’s a wrap for the Signs section. All that’s left now is the biggest one with more than 450 pages: the Mid-Century Modern Buildings section. I’ll barely be able to start that one and probably won’t have time for a post. The dogs and I will be leaving on Friday for a five-week trip to The South. If you want to following along “live”, I’ll be posting a few photos every night to Instagram:

Then, the real work will begin in July as I gradually post a few photos from each day to this blog and Flickr as I begin to add the entire treasure trove to my website (

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

The camera, the laptop, the schedule, the lists, and my COVID card:

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