Day 31 and 32: Alabama

Some clouds but mostly a great day for shooting. Day 32 was spent behind the wheel on the interstate heading from Alabama to central Oklahoma.

Let’s start with this Chevy dealership in Heflin. The business moved in 2008 and this sign was moved inside the building:

This old used car sign still remains at the old building which is now used as a body shop:

Another one from Heflin. Around 2019, the neon was removed from this sign and the panels were repainted:

This sign in Bessemer looks old enough to be “vintage”:

but I’m pretty sure that this sign over the entrance is new:

This abandoned used car dealership sign is in Bessemer:

A former Stop-N-Go car wash sign in Sylacauga. I don’t know how many locations there were but there is one other surviving stoplight sign like this in Selma:

From Anniston: a very rare still-operating Western Auto store:

Let’s wrap up this post with a bunch of signs from Birmingham:

I’ll be back soon with stuff from Oklahoma City in the final post from this trip.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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