Day 9: Oklahoma

With only about three hours sleep, I managed to get a full day’s shooting in, motivated by the great sunshine. A good thing, too, as my weather-luck would run out half-way through Florida.

Let’s start with a couple of signs. This one in Konowa — an ice cream stand at a gas station:

From Wewoka. Evidently, the arrow got crunched a little by a truck?

This pretty little thing in Seminole:

The cafe/bus station building that goes with the sign:

From Pauls Valley — my guess, due to the location of this sign, is that it was located elsewhere and then moved here to the production plant:

In Ardmore: a recycled Mr. Burger building and two signs:

A vitrolite (structural glass) facade in Ardmore (not enough sun to show how truly nice it was). I hope it survives with the next tenant:

and just three doors away this fun mid-century wonder:

How about a couple of former gas stations? This one in Pauls Valley:

and this former Phillips 66 (now a pot store) in McAlester:

And let’s end with this sign. I’m crazy about C-152 Lectras and would probably drive 10 hours out of my way to shoot one. There are very few left though so that’s not a problem. These bulb signs are stationary but, when the sequential flashing bulbs on the arms are working (rare!), they are hypnotizing. Info and the survivors at my website here:

This one is in Marietta:

I’ll be back with more Oklahoma in a few days.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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