Day 25: More Arkansas

So, two more days of Arkansas photos.  And then another four days of Oklahoma and New Mexico after that.  We’re in the home stretch!  I’m on target to wrap things up here and at my website by November 1.

This will be a quick post since I got a late start in the morning due to clouds and, then, the day was cut short by serious rain commencing around 4pm.

This sign with the giant shotgun cartridge on top is located in Stuttgart:



A few signs from Pine Bluff.  This is the best I could do with this nice sign due to clouds & trees:




For the “reshoot in sun” list:




The sign below previously had neon and advertising for Irish Maid Do-Nuts:

At least the neon Irish Maid sign in Fort Smith still survives.




These liquor store signs are in Rison. I don’t think I’ve seen a vaccum form Schlitz sign like this in the wild before:




More liquor store signs — these in El Dorado:




Another sign from El Dorado.  This place is closed and I would imagine that this modern sign will probably be removed when another tenant moves in:




The last shot for the day from Magnolia at Wilson-Beardon Drugs.  This looks like either a refurbished or replica sign:




I’ll be back this weekend with the final Arkansas batch.  More photos from today over at the Flickr stream:

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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