Day 23: Arkansas (Part 2)

This day I covered ground between Harrison and Russellville.  I’ve got a nice big batch of sign photos for you.  Let’s start with a couple of Ozark-themed signs from Eureka Springs:


If you’re having trouble making out the plastic characters on the far left, it shows a woman carrying a chicken and the hillbilly guy either passed out or snoozing on the ground.  I shot the building sign in 2010 which shows the people more clearly:


A couple more from Eureka Springs:



This one is in Bentonville:


From Gentry:


This one is installed above the Antique Mall in Springdale:

This one in Springdale has gotta be modern:


This razorback hog sign is in Alma.  The University of Arkansas’ mascot is extremely popular all over the state.


This little strip mall sign is in Van Buren:


These last three are from Fort Smith:


This one appears to be modern:


The Burns Carousel of Flowers store is gone but this sign remains.  Only a tiny speck of neon left.  I’m hoping the rust keeps the collectors at bay:


Back next weekend with another batch from the “Natural State.”

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs


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