Sign Updates

The last section at my website that I comb for updates with be the Signs section.  But in going through the SCA article section, I found lots of bad news pertaining to signs.  Kleenex handy?

The Blue Ribbon Shoe Service store and sign in Grants Pass, OR are gone:


This one in Memphis, TN — yep, the business and sign are now gone:



The Filling Station sign in Savanna, IL is gone.  Originally, a mechanical waving sign.  It was painted differently on both sides:



This motorized sign in Willow Springs, MO was installed at the long-closed Hillbilly Store.  It was down to one arm in 2016.  The entire sign is gone now:


This Original Pancake House sign and location in Seattle were built around 2001.  A very nice animated neon sign though.  By last year, the building and sign were gone.



The La Frite sign in Sherman Oaks, CA is also gone now:


The Skate Inn in Tallahassee, FL closed in 2017.   And, yep, this sign is gone now:

This Neo-Lectra in Elkhart, IN is gone, too:



This sign in Denton, TX is gone:


It was “updated” (ugh) with this crap:


And last heartbreak for this post… the former Pee Wee Pizza sign in San Leandro, CA.  Here’s what the sign looked like in 2008:

Papa John’s moved in in 2010.  The text sign was adapted with their name on the top panel with new neon.  The chef’s neon was removed at that point:

And then, by 2017, Papa John’s decided to completely ruin the sign.  Here’s how it looks now, from Google Street View.  All backlit plastic slapped onto the panels and the chef obliterated with the stupid phone number disk:

OK — that’s enough for now.  I’m happy to say the devastation to the SCA signs section has been minor.  Super interesting signs await you here:

Society for Commercial Archeology Journal Article Companion Pages

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Gas Stations section (losses & classy transformations).



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4 thoughts on “Sign Updates

  1. That shoe repair was killer. Very unusual. Sad to see the destruction, but I believe preserving these treasures at least in photos is part of what drives you.. their disappearance just seems to have accelerated lately, sadly.

  2. Yeah, that one was a real kick in the gut. Seeing signs being “transformed” like that is worse than not knowing what happened to them when they disappear. But with sign size limitations, as you know, that’s getting to be very common. New businesses are faced with the option of a tiny plastic box sign or “re-imagining” (ugh) the big one that’s there.

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