Day 23: Longview, TX to Broken Bow, OK (with a little Louisiana and Arkansas)

No more drama!  Justing shooting all day long.  An unidentified former business in Longview. I love the real door and doorknob.  Different paint job on the other side.



Moving on to some Louisiana — here’s a bunch from Shreveport.  These two signs are at the long-closed Southgate Bowling Lanes:




Right next door — the Sunset Village shopping center:



The only thing that remains of the Pin Stripe Lounge is this sign:



The blown out plastic panel previously had a lion holding a cocktail:



At the OK Cleaners:



This was George’s Grill from 1960 until last year when George passed away and the restaurant closed.  This sign appears to be from the 1950s.  I don’t know what it was called then:




This sign originally advertised for Brocato’s restaurant.  It was damaged in a tornado and then has been adapted at least three times after that.  Here’s what the sign looked like originally:




The Carousel Lounge is now known as the Round Bar.  I’m told that the bar inside the round building with the folded plate roof still revolves.


I’m betting that the neon piece flashed originally:


This carousel sign still remains on top of the building.  It, too, must have revolved.




Next door is this sign atop a plastic box sign for an Indian restaurant.




Downtown Shreveport.  I’m always relieved to see this one still there:




Another downtown sign.  A reminder that, someday, I need to write an article about parking garage signs:




I stopped in at Shreveport Neon to check on the Roto-Spheres in storage.  One of them was installed outside and lit until just a few years ago.  Now both are idle and disassembled.  Nobody at the shop does neon anymore.  They’ve been thinking of putting LED tubes on the one Roto-Sphere but I begged them not to.  I also begged, as I have been for years, for them to donate one of the signs to the American Sign Museum.  They will talk to the owner again.  But I haven’t heard anything since then so… I will continue to hound them.  While I was there I spotted this ripple tin panel old beauty.  It’s supposedly going to be displayed in town somewhere.  They were “working on it” for the owner which I’m assuming has something to do with those fat black wires on the left:




Moving on to Bossier City, LA.  A nice porcelain enamel sign.  It doesn’t look like it ever had neon.



Then, on briefly to Arkansas — on top of the sign of Fricks Butane in Texarkana — the holes held neon tubing originally:




Let’s close with these two signs at the Twilight Motel in Texarkana, AR:


Maybe chasing bulbs?




More to come very soon!  I’m hoping to wrap up the posts from this trip tomorrow.

Happy Trails,
dj & the dogs

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