Still More Recent Sign News (Texas to Vermont)


This sign in Dallas was removed in 2017 just after I took these photos:




There were several of these Texas Liquor signs around town.  I think this one in Dallas is the only one left but at a store that’s been closed since 2016.  So, it could disappear at any time:

This sign in El Paso, TX was removed around 2017:




This sign in Ogden, UT was removed around 2016.  The business had been long gone and the sign was standing alone on a vacant lot:


This gigantic sign in Salt Lake City, UT seemed doomed when the bowling alley closed in 2015.  Yes, the “CLASSIC” letters revolved:


It was deemed too far gone to be adapted but a replica was built by YESCO for the new apartments.  Okay, so it’s plastic and LED but a miracle nevertheless.  The vintage RITZ sign is still there on the right.  I don’t know what will become of that one:




The Joy Garden restaurant in Richmond, VA closed in 2016 and this sign was gone by 2017.  This photo is from 2009.  In 2014, the sign had been repainted and most of the neon removed:



I never got to shoot this Bove’s Cafe sign in Burlington, VT:

At least the Carrara glass tile and Art Deco windows are still there for now:


I’ll have the final post of this series for you tomorrow night with the “W”s and some reflection about all this destruction.

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