SoCal Thanksgiving Trip (Days 2&3)

I’ve decided to lump these two days of shooting together since they were fairly low volume.  There were lots of miles between things plus an early drive home on Saturday.

Let’s start off in San Bernardino with this beauty:


From Lake Elsinore:

The recently repainted Chappy’s Liquor sign in Garden Grove:



I’ve been wondering what would happen with the Lyndy’s Motel sign in Anaheim since the motel and coffee shop were leveled to build a big car wash.  The car wash is still under construction but the signs are visible through the tarped chain link.  As promised, there’s a new pole sign styled after the Lyndy’s sign and another similar but much smaller one on the southbound approach.  Here’s the original Lyndy’s sign:

And the new sign — backlit plastic letters (boo hiss) but at least there’s a little neon & the arrow & star resemble the what-was:

Here’s a heartbreaker.  This lovely neon sign in Buena Park…


…was desecrated a few months ago:

This place in Whittier is so sweet.  But, sadly, long closed.


The wood siding, the little bench near the entrance, the freestanding letters on the front of the building…. reflecting a completely different time.  Now the cars whizz by and chain box stores are all around.



From Long Beach.  I think this place has been around since the 1950s so this sign is probably legit (vintage).  And it looks nice at night:

These signs in San Pedro were repainted recently.  My photo from 2013:


and their current look — yes, I think the block letters were better than this script but at least they left the neon alone:

From Redondo Beach — swoopy mid-century roof-line & neon:



From Los Angeles.  I have no idea what business this bell was associated with originally but it’s damned cute.  There’s a church there now:



And lastly — from Huntington Park.  This sign is at the Modern Mini Mart & Liquor:



For more photos from this weekend’s trip, head on over to Flickr:

More blog-posting soon since I’m in the middle of my winter website updating.  Checking out all those maps in my descriptions for changes (demos, repaints, etc.).  I’ll be sharing the bad news/good news with you real soon.

Happy trails,

dj & the dogs

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