Bay Area Trip: Day 2 of 3

Moving on to San Francisco where there were loads of signs on my list.  Many of them were reshoots due to city canyons and shade problems in the past.  But many of them were reshoots due to good news — restorations!  For example, the Tia Margarita sign has been repainted:


The Perramont Hotel sign will have to be reshot another day due to both shade and tree problems.  But, oh those raised letters… And you never know — there might not be another time.  So many signs disappear without warning.


Although it’s a modern building (built in 2008), I still like it.  A giant concrete sculpture.  The Congregation Beth Shalom Synagogue:


I don’t know how paint peels like this.  Or what inspired the owner to go with a dull color.  Cheap tan paint over nice red porcelain panels.  One sturdy and stubborn sign! (note the crunch that must have been the result of a whack from a passing truck)



The Elite Cafe sign caught fire during maintenance in February.  The red disk at the top is gone now.  But what’s interesting is the revealed “Grill” text.  It appears this sign was originally built in 1932 for the Lincoln Grill:

This sign was installed in 2013 when Palmer’s Tavern opened.  I don’t know if the sign was repurposed from another place & business or it’s just a modern vintage-looking new creation:

Just one tubing hole to prove that this sign had neon originally:


If it’s not the on the wrong side of the street to get sun, or there’s an overgrown tree… then there’s a *&$#@ pole sign or telephone pole that gets in the way:


Some signs blessed by the sun in Chinatown:



The Li-Po sign is just about to be restored!

The Great Star Theatre’s neon was restored last year by John Law:

Two more signs for this post — this rusty, crusty wonder is at The New Rex Hotel:


and a fun modern sign of a fisherman reeling in a pizza.  And, of course, I love the little terrier which will most likely get a slice:


One more post to go!

dj & the pizza-loving dogs

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