Day 17: Arizona and on to…. Home!

Here’s the last post for this trip.  I was eager to get home but I stuck to my list.  The wrap-up with the money and miles is at the end of this post.

Let’s start out with these two signs in Cottonwood, AZ:


This was the Shep’s Liquor sign.  Well, it was probably another name before Shep’s since that scripty font looks awfully modern.  But here’s what it looked like previously:


A couple of signs from Prescott:


This “wiring supplies” sign with clock and previously revolving middle panel has gratefully been put to new use:


A tall one from Ash Fork:


A few things from Kingman.  This sign originally advertised for the King’s Arms Restaurant (the pole was a spear).  But the place was known as the ABC Restaurant for many years:

The business changed names and the sign got this repaint last year:


This former Denny’s has changed names many times but it’s really dressed up now:


The beat-up Brandin’ Iron Motel sign is being stored at Legacy Signs in town.  Hopefully, the neon branding iron & brands will be restored one day:


From Parker.  That coffee pot is just wonderful:


And from the very last stop (Quartzsite) in Arizona before I hooked up to I-10 and hustled on into California.  These clocks came in blue, red, and other colors.  They and this bulb text sign were mass-produced by Superior Electrical Advertising of Long Beach, CA (famous also for all those bulb arrow signs with stars or plastic elements in the middle):


It was 118 degrees when I took this last photo and I had had quite enough of summer for the entire year.  It got cooler and cooler with each mile until I reached home and the wonderful coastal fog.


Alrighty then.  Here’s the brief summary of the numbers from these 17 days on the road.  7,572 miles.  That’s an average of 445 miles per day with the last day being the most miles traveled: 708.   $1,220.51 was spent on gas alone.  That’s an average of $71.79 per day.   I don’t keep a tally motels or food.

Sparkle now has about 430,000 miles on her.  Keeping her going cost about $1,862 on this trip.  Two oil changes, repairing the A/C (about $1,000 right there), replacing a serpentine belt & front shocks, and fixing a nail in a tire.

Now might be a good time to say that if you want to make a contribution towards my travels and website work, I’d be forever grateful. donations to my email address ( is safe and easy.

[PayPal donation link]

For the first time on a major roadtrip, I did NOT get a speeding ticket.  Not that I didn’t do quite a lot of speeding…  There were a couple of times when I think I made a cop think about it but he picked someone else.While I have uploaded maybe a couple hundred photos to Flickr and this blog, the real work lies ahead.  I have over 2,100 photos to prepare for inserting at the website.  That’s what I’ll be doing with my summer (and maybe my fall).  I will take a couple of weekend trips here and there as a break and post to the blog again then.

And if you’ve been waiting for the conclusion of these posts to check out the Flickr photos from this trip (different from those posted here), they are all up here:

Wishing you happy trails and fun summer roadtrips of your own,

dj & the dogs

P.S. A few bonus shots of the kids at our nightly beach romp.  Traveling is great but it’s so good to be home!  I took a few shots tonight with my phone but the lens must have been smudged up with dog treat grease or something.  I had to bump up the contrast to compensate for the blur.  So, the quality is not great — but I hope you’ll be amused anyway.  L to R: Griz, Grem, & Nik.  Photos 2 & 3 are in response to my request to “ruff”:




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