Road Testing

I took a couple of little quickie L.A. area trips in the past few weeks.  Crappy weather but I took some photos anyway.

A towering sign with plastic ballies at the State Farm Insurance office in Inglewood:


Lace-like concrete screen at Pilgrim Fence in Huntington Park:


The Shamrock Lounge in Huntington Park:


Martin’s TV & Radio Center in South Gate:


At the vacant Artesia Drive In Dairy:


A sibling of the Auto Chek Smog Center from the early 1980s which I posted here at this blog recently.  This one is in Stanton and is now known as Super Smog:


This past weekend, I made a little trip up to the Sacramento area to give Sparkle another road test before my vacation.  All systems are go!  Here are some sign photos for you.  The City Motel in Fresno, CA.  This one is hidden away behind the building:


Index Printing is in Newman, CA.  The business is gone and the neon is broken but the porcelain panels are still shiny:


From Patterson — this spear-like sign pierces the canopy.  Hard to see in the shade but there’s concrete block over there on the left:


This pretty sign is in Twain Harte at the El Dorado Motel:


From Mi-Wuk Village at Diamond Jim’s — this heart-shaped sign is mounted sideways to point at the restaurant:


From Sacramento:


Also Sacramento — always in the shade when I try to shoot it.  Some info about the place here:


Heading for the freeway in Martinez, I stumbled upon this clown sign in a residential neighborhood.  I have no idea where it was originally installed:


More photos from this weekend over at Flickr:

Lots and lots of photos coming up in July.  My 3-week roadtrip starts in early June — Arizona, New Mexico & some Western Texas.

Until then, Happy Trails,

dj & the dogs

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