Summer Trip – Day 9 / Eastern Oregon & Northern California

Picking up in Klamath Falls, OR where we left off last night:


At the bottom of the pole:


This one in Klamath Falls is a mystery to me.  It’s on the roof of Basin Glass.  The fisherman and fish are made out of little bulbs and/or LED tubing.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t lit at night — I tried!


This one is in Lakeview, OR.  I’m a sucker for mortar & pestle signs:

There are loads of drive-thru coffee kiosks in Oregon & Washington.  You can’t drive a mile without seeing one.  And on this trip with 100+ temperatures nearly every day, I stopped at a lot of them for iced Cold Brews.  Yes, even the little one-of-kind places are keeping pace with Starbucks — you just have to ask because it’s usually not on their little menu boards.  Anyway.  The dogs LOVE these places because all of them give the dogs biscuits.  I can barely get my coffee ordered and safely back in the van with Gremmie and Nik-y hanging out the window drooling and watching the attendant’s every move.  Well, Nik (the black & white dog) isn’t watching since he can’t see but the second I roll down the window and start talking to somebody, he knows the deal:


They don’t want the change — they want more of those biscuits, please!


Crossing over into California now.  The Burney Bowl is, naturally, in Burney:


These two signs are also in Burney:




Susanville has a lot of great signs — here are just a few:

Obviously, there was neon here originally.  I think the bowling ball looks more like an Oreo:


These two signs are at the same place:



Here’s what the sign above looked like originally when it had that panel in place:

There are two of these pretty much identical bulb arrow add-on signs across the street from each other at different businesses:


This former A&W building and sign are also in Susanville.  This is the stubbier smaller pilgrim hat variety.  I like this re-use with the little pagoda-esque projections at the corners.  Lots more of these buildings all over the country — photos at my website starting at this page:



Moving on to Chester, CA:



Two separate signs for the restaurant & motel:



Last one for this post — the final stop for the night was in Red Bluff.  Only a few signs were lit.  Love the simulated wood letters:


One more post to go!


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