Three Days Near the Bay (pt 1)

The dogs and I got away for Memorial Day Weekend.  Loads of traffic, of course, but worth the pain.  Long days with all day sun and I racked up a few hundred photos (and blew nearly $300 on gas).  I haven’t been north of San Francisco since 2008 so it was a real treat to shoot the stuff on my list and reshoot stuff I haven’t seen since then.

Let’s get to it!  The Monterey Lanes, naturally, in Monterey:


From San Jose:


I don’t know what the original tenant was at what is now “Emmy’s” — but I’m glad at least a few owners have let the sign live on.  From San Francisco:

This flower shop in San Francisco is long gone but this ripple tin sign remains:


A few more signs from San Francisco:


These two signs at the same parking garage:




A recently uncovered bank mosaic in Sausalito thought to be gone — the story:


From Mill Valley:


And, lastly, from Vallejo:


Lots more to come from last weekend later tonight or tomorrow.  In the meantime, I’ve just uploaded some other photos at Flickr:

Bye fer now,

Debra Jane


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