4th of July Trip: East Bay Area (Day 3 of 3!)

Here we go with the final post from this trip.  It was only a part-day-er because I had more than 300 miles of holiday traffic awaiting me for the journey home.

Let’s start in the megalopolis of Pinole.  One of my fave plastic signs from this trip:



Also in Pinole:



From Rodeo.  This sign has flaked into unreadability.  It used to say “Joseph’s Fishing Resort Tavern; 2 Blocks”:



From El Sobrante.  I can think of only a few vintage signs with depictions of guns.  I can’t think of any with bullets:



From San Pablo.  There’s at least one other Hambrick’s Giant Burgers (in Oakland, with a vintage equally great sign).  I believe they were part of the Giant Burgers chain in the Bay Area.  At least a couple of those remaining signs also feature the mention of “Home Made Pies”:


The San Pablo building is special as well.  I’m not sure if those windows and dining area were always there.  The counter is more like a walk-up place:



This one from Richmond.  I’ve seen Launderette signs — but never a Washette:



Also in Richmond.  This is a secondary sign at The Spot bar.  The sign panels appear to have been that deep blue porcelain enamel.  I don’t know what caused them to fade to silver.  Inferior paint or processing?



A couple of signs from Albany:



This sign looks like it could have been installed yesterday — but it’s gotta be from the 1950s at least:



On to Alameda which has loads of fun stuff to shoot in addition to its signs.  The panels have some streaking from rusting screws — but otherwise the color is as bright as the day it was installed.  At some point, someone with “ambition” will probably paint this sign and remove the neon — which will be a crime:



From Pleasanton.  I’ve only seen Florsheim Shoe brand signs in green and brown.  This is the only one I know of that uses a scripty font:



Last stop for this batch — in Fremont.  I passed a lot of Nation’s Giant Hamburgers locations this weekends.  Didn’t shoot them since they were too modern for me.  But this one was irresistible:



That concludes the blogging for this roadtrip.  I still have a long list of stuff to shoot in Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, and the San Jose area.  But for now, I’m going to hunker down and work on adding photos to the website.  And let my credit card cool off.  The next Bay Area trip will be maybe at the end of August.  There will be at least one L.A. area trip before that so I’ll be posting again soon enough.

Until then… have a great summer!

Oh, and don’t forget, there’s lots of new photos over at Flickr from this trip:

dj & the dogs


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