4th of July Trip: Sacramento & East Bay

Up and back and recuperating from myself (ha!) and the holiday traffic.  I had terrific sun each day and shot neon signs all three nights as well.  I have more than 600 photos for the website (on top of backlog from the recent Idaho/Utah/Nevada trip).   I’ll post a few dozen photos here and at Flickr in the next couple of days.

On the way up to the Sacramento area on Thursday night, I stopped off in Bakersfield for a little nighttime shooting.

The Andre’s Drive-in sign on Brundage is barely lit at all these days.   The text is out and the burger on the other side is only lit at the bottom.  There is a second location in town but I don’t think that sign is lit at all.



I wasn’t there early enough to catch the silhouette of the tower above:



Unfortunately, some of the letters were out on the taller sign at Zingo’s so I couldn’t bring myself to shoot that one.  This one is awfully nice though.  The bulb arrows flash:



One of the best signs in town — and nicely maintained:



I took a video to show you the animation of the cat:


This sign is in Walnut Grove:



I’ll be back with lots more stuff soon.




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