Day 9: End of Idaho & Start of Nevada

A frustrating day.  I woke up to clouds — and they would not go away.  I waited.  I napped.  I ate.   I organized.  I cleaned.  I looked at the weather forecast for the area and beyond.  It looked lousy.  No sun for days.  So, I gave up and shot what I could.  Someday, I’ll be back to shoot things in better light.  At least most of it is right off the interstate which will make it a bit easier.

For now, you’ll have to deal with the flat grey colors.  Into each life a little clouds have gotta come.  This is “Babe” at the Beehive Family Restaurant in Weiser, ID.  She surely had neon originally:



From Payette:



A painted over sign in Payette at Details Done Right.  I’ve seen freeform stars & animals & arrows like this — but not dollar signs before:



From Caldwell.  I have no idea what inspired this steel arch at United Hauling:



From Nampa — a little color on a dreary day:



Over the border into Nevada — where it wasn’t much better weather-wise.  A few moments of sun in Wells — but then foiled by a tree for this shot:



Also in Wells — no apparent change for the El Rancho Hotel since the major earthquake in 2008.



The scaffold sign of the bucking horse & cowboy are still there but hard to make out in the grey.  Here’s a photo I took of it in 2008:



One last shot from Wells — those grey clouds in the distance are from the direction we came from.  Good thing we left when we did!

Sunny photos soon to come — four more blog posts from this trip to go.


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