Just a quick “hi” to let you know about a neat little gallery thingie in Los Angeles for all you fans of bowling buildings & signs.  The opening was tonight and I toughed out the crazy rush hour weekend-getaway traffic to get my butt down there.  I didn’t have my “real” camera with me — but I took a few photos with my phone.  I lost my iPhone a couple of weeks ago and I don’t know how to use this new hotshot Samsung phone.  But I did what I could — after a glass of wine which lowered my techie capabilities even further.

I didn’t write down the facts of where things came from — so consider this as just “flavor” of the event and show:


Reproductions of matchbooks with bowling alley advertising:



The crowd.  At least two roadside “celebs” in this photo:  Chris Nicols (back to camera) who was the show’s curator — and Charles Phoenix (facing right):




Here are the details about the show if you’re interested or think you can make it.  It runs through May 11:

and more:


I’ll be back blogging next weekend with some L.A. area shooting.



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