L.A.-ish weekend — wrap-up

OK — time for some of Sunday’s photos.  Although Sparkle’s been running flawlessly lately, tonight as I was a mile from home she started sputtering with the check engine light flashing.  The mechanic thinks it’s a misfire thing.  Maybe a spark plug wire or some such.  So the dogs and I are crammed into a rental car til whatever-it-is is fixed.  Could’ve happened on this trip.  Could’ve happened on my way home last night in the middle of nowhere. Or worst of all, on the three-day trip coming up.  So I guess it’s good timing.  Trying to find the silver lining in throwing a few hundred more bucks at my box on wheels.

From Rialto — I’m assuming a pretty modern sign:



From San Bernardino — A lot of U-Haul places around the country have those modern U-Haul trucks on the roof or revolving on poles.  I’ve never seen one with an antique moving truck before.  I think this one is too old to have been a U-Haul truck originally though.  U-Haul was established in 1945 (with trailers not trucks) and this looks older than that.



Also San Bernardino — a storybook house which I stumbled upon.  Challenging sun right behind it so the colors are washed out.  I especially love all the shutters:





From West Covina.  An updated sign but still pretty much 1950s/1960s in style.  Most car dealerships are arm-twisted into hideous & imposing modern signs by the car manufacturers these days.  I guess this one has slipped through the cracks:



Also in West Covina.  A party store there now — but this sign is still hanging in:



Another from West Covina.  There should be a law that all businesses are required to have mascot characters:



The Terraza Jamay in Montebello.  Busted for selling drugs a few years ago.  I’m not sure if it’s reopened.  Interesting and recent paint scheme.  It was previously just two-toned:



A fun one from Pico Rivera:


and its Polynesian-influenced building:



From either Covina or West Covina.  A tiki hut former Fotomat!  Thatched roof, straw mats exterior embellishments.  What it all has to do with cell phones — beats me!  But i just want to park my lawn chair there and have a pina colada.



From Whittier.  This is all that’s left of Jack’s Salad Bowl — a late 1950s coffee shop designed by Martin Stern, Jr.



But at the same time, the surviving and thriving Friendly Hills Bowl in Whittier:




OK then — more to come next Saturday night as the dogs and I will be heading north for a change.  A big three-day Labor Day weekend planned — the gods and Sparkle’s mechanics providing!  We mostly be hugging the coast on up to about Santa Cruz.  Thanks for tagging along.


10 thoughts on “L.A.-ish weekend — wrap-up

  1. it does sound like a plug wire or spark plug thing,should no be to expensive,don’t let them take advantage of a girl,act like you know what it is,and tell them,”can’t be to expensive,and you will plug them on your national Blog,keep a going ,we are living and traveling through you,and Sparkle….thanks

    • Oh, I know mechanical stuff about cars pretty well. My first car was an MG Midget and it spend 80% of its time at the repair shop. So I learned a lot because anything that could go wrong — did! I’ve had Sparkle’s spark plugs & wires replaced previously and it did cost a few hundred. They are difficult to get to. My MG’s spark plugs were right there on top. I used to clean them with a tooth brush and some kind of cleaner to keep them working nicely. I think I still had to replace all four spark plugs at least once a year anyway. I think I drove two hours home once on 3 spark plugs. Sparkle though acted like she was dying just suddenly in a few blocks. Hoping that’s all it is!

  2. When I was 15 and living in San Diego, friends of mine in a ska band played a huge ska festival in Montebello. We all crammed in the van with the instruments and made the drive up and back, a huge deal in my pre-driver’s license life. I remembered the building inside and out so vividly, and now (almost 20 years later) whenever I am on the 60 through that area I think, “One day I’m going to find that wonderful building where 8 of us carried a Hammond organ up the steepest flight of stairs on earth….”

    That building was Terraza Jamay!

    • She’s still in the shop and I’m beyond stressed about it. $50 a day for a rental car on top of it. Supposedly, she needs a major tune-up… but they’re not sure. Christ!

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