Four Dogs and a Photobooth

One of the things that has been on my “to do” list for years is to get photos of moi and the dogs at a photobooth place.  So, when I found this neat website and saw that there was a great old camera store less than a mile from me, I couldn’t drive there fast enough.

So, in the new spontaneous spirit of this blog, I’ll show you the results.  Best $12 I’ve spent in awhile.  Difficult though trying to get everybody posed and impossible to get them to look at the camera.  No way to get all four dogs in the same shot.  Some of the shots of me are ghastly unflattering — but what the hell.  As always, clicking on the photo makes it bigger.  And double clicking makes it even more amusing (and unflattering):


To find a photobooth near you — here’s the site — go to the “Browse” box:

The pack and I will be heading off next weekend for some L.A. & Orange County shooting.  I’ll be posting some photos here on Saturday night.

Til then, here’s to spontaneity and checking things off your “always wanted to” list.  The weekend is young!

P.S.  I’ve added a new little “slideshow” feature to my website’s Home Page.  Hope you like it:




I should have also taken the opportunity to promote Dexter’s Cameras where I had the photobooth photos taken today.  I didn’t have my camera with me — but there are some photos at Flickr.  The place is AWESOME — you camera lovers would love it inside:

If you want more dogs & photobooth photos, there’s a book for that:

Or if people are more your thing, there’s a photobooth book for that:

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