Day 2: A Perfect Summer Day in NJ

Fantastic weather, no accidents, snoozing dogs, and tons of photos.  The sun was good from the start so I stayed a bit longer in Wildwood than planned.  I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to reshoot lots of stuff that I’ve shot before in perfect sun.  I also gave the dogs a good, long, hour-long session on the beach there which really helped keep the chaos and barking down today.

I had hoped to start on the Philadelphia stuff by afternoon — but things took longer than planned.  So I raced around like made the last couple hours to finish my NJ list.  Now I’m feeling the pain (exhausted).  The sun runs out at around 6:15 pm on this trip.  My summer trip in Colorado & Wyoming, I could shoot til about 8 pm.  So that’s affecting my progress as well.

On with the show — palm trees Wildwood style:


Many of the motels have put their palms away for the year — removing the fronds and leaving the trunks standing.  Here’s another motel with their palms still out in the off-season — and a bonus neon palm:


On the boardwalk – a recent addition.  I know the octopus and pirates were done by Mark Cline — famous in the fiberglass statue world for all his dinosaurs, Foamhenge and such in Natural Bridge, VA and elsewhere.  Maybe he built the whole display:


Inside a former Woolworth — which seems to be someone’s private collection of stuff now.  It doesn’t look like it opens to the public but I could be wrong.  So sorry for the glare.  This ice cream man sign was originally installed in Wildwood at  Schumann’s Restaurant (now gone).

There’s lots of amusement park stuff visible through the windows — this clown must have been at one of those toss-the-bean-bag type arcade games:


I have no explanation for this cactus in Cape May Court House.  The sign reads “Sarah’s Garden”.  But there doesn’t appear to be a business there:


The restoration of the Palace Depression is coming along.  Last time I was here, Jeff and Kevin were still building all the underground chambers.

Jeff is living at the Palace full-time now.  He’ll probably continue working through October and then cut off til spring.  Jeff was describing how photographs at night show all sorts of orbs (paranormal stuff).  I love his passion about the place.


Last one for the night — I gotta get some sleep.  This mystery building is in Elmer.  Apparently, a little restaurant of some sort.  The house to the right is made of the same stucco-y concrete and shares the same address.  So I’d assume owned by the same person.


Tomorrow, I hope to get thru the Philly area stuff and some Delaware places.  The forecast says the rain should arrive around 4pm.  Somewhat cloudy maybe leading up to that.  But Sunday should be better.  So if it gets nasty, I’ll park & wait rather than head home.

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