Day 36: Stay Tuned

Don’t stray too far. A whopper post yet to come with TONS of photos from Wisconsin and Illinois. Yep, and Flickr, too. Reporting to you from the interstate in Youngstown, OH. About 6 hours to go.

6 thoughts on “Day 36: Stay Tuned

    • Officially home!!! Boring and uneventful. A huge batch to post to make up for my “night off”. Maybe later tonight or more likely tomorrow. Gotta deal with the post-trip pile-up first (mail, laundry, unpacking & all that).

    • And officially home! (3:30pm) Gotta put out a buncha fires right now — blog post & Flickr much later tonight or tomorrow depending on when I run out of steam. Gonna make you homesick — a whole lotta Chicago in there.

      dj & the dogs
      back in Brooklyn — aaaaaahhhhhh

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