Day 13: YES! (Denver area, part 3)

What an absolutely awesome and busy day.  Sun galore!!  I shot three times as many photos as normal.  I was a demon — fueled by the possibility that it might rain later than afternoon or tomorrow.  But checking the forecast tonight, it looks like another glorious day ahead.  Today, there was only about two hours of clouds — and not bad timing for what I was shooting at the time.

I didn’t neglect the dogs despite my record-setting pace.  They got a good early morning run at a huge grassy church lawn.  On these hot days, I try to wear the buggers out while it’s cool and then have little mini pee & play sessions a few times during the day.  Ideally, another big run just after I stop shooting at dusk.  Mid-day today, we checked out the Josephine Dog Park which is right off the main drag of Colfax.  There is only one big area.  So there’s no way to separate yourself from “problem dogs” (aggressive or ball-stealing types, marauding packs).  Most people at these dog parks come to “hang out” with their dogs.  But what that really means is they come to talk to each other and barely interact at all with their dogs.  Which means their bored dogs flock to me since I have treats and toys and happy active and interesting dogs.  Those dogs tend to be three times the size of mine.  Which means Grippie, the blind dog, gets bumped around.  Nik, the nearly blind dog, gets his toys stolen.  Grem can hold her own with the big dogs although she’s 100 times smaller than them.  Fix goes to find laps and petting from strangers.  Since Grem’s recall has gotten pretty damn good over the years, I don’t really need dog parks to contain her.  But today I saw a lot of rabbits — yes, rabbits in downtown Denver.   So… I thought it best to play it safe so Nik and Grem didn’t go on any hunting expeditions and cut into prime shooting time (or worse).

So, things were pretty calm at this dog park today.  Only a few interested big dogs which seemed to already be hot and tired just from being there.   I let my dogs run until their tongues were dangling on the ground.  Then back in the A/C after a dousing them all with water from the van.  No kiddie pools or fountains at this park.  But so handy that I’m sure we’ll be back:

Sparkle’s running great.  By the way, I spoke with the Firestone Illinois district manager — and then the Albuquerque district manager.  I won’t be getting the full $788 back for the improper A/C hose installation back in May.  But they’re sending me a check for half that — which is more than I expected.  So I got the hose replaced twice — the second time for free and the first time at half-price.  Of course, nothing can compensate for the time (six hours in ABQ; about 12 hours in Illinois).  For a hose.

Enough talk.  Lots of photos for ya.   I’m pretty sure all these shots are from Denver.  These are the killer blue skies I started the day with:

Such a wild sign — no idea what it said originally.  Evidently, this was a gas station.  There was a Husky station sign on the lot but the pumps were gone:

Visible from the interstate and I’m nearly always having an accident gawking down at it.  So I’m glad to see it up close and be safer now:


ust another wonderful neon bulb liquor sign.  Clouds making creamy blue backgrounds by mid-day:


Who could not love a giant hammer:


Or a giant pigeon:


Denver is chock full of great Art Deco buildings:


Every roadtrip, I include at least one parking garage sign here at the blog.  So here’s this trip’s contribution:


From a Rite Aid store downtown — a modern mortar & pestle:


A ghost sign downtown:


Another ghost sign north of downtown.  So many of these signs around the country have been repainted — and since this one faces south for daylong sun, I suspect that if it is authentic, it’s been retouched, a lot.  Still, fun stuff:


From the Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Building — an incredible Gothic style Art Deco building with painted murals and other fancy details:


I don’t know if this sign always advertised for Gold Star Sausage.  I’m betting not:


Maybe the coolest bulb liquor store sign I’ve ever seen.  OK, maybe in the top 20.  I’m sure it isn’t lit anymore but what really turns me on is the shape of that arrow:


Starbucks abound in Denver.  Like on every corner.  Denver-ans must need lots of coffee during those long winters?  They also seem to smoke a lot.  Like in no other city I’ve seen.  And there’s also all those medical marijuana stores everywhere.  Lots of homeless people.  But really, I love this town.  Maybe as much as Chicago.  But I’d never live in either of these places because of the COLD.  I don’t know how people do it.  Anyhow, it seems not as much as they used to, but Starbucks has done a lot of repurposing of buildings.  This one was a former Red Barn:


More signs:


I imagine this one had a lot of wood grain originally:


This, that and the other:


After a hard day’s work, I treated myself to some quiche which I acquired at the Botanic Gardens.  I know you cheated and already looked at the photo and assumed it was cheesecake.  White and green asparagus and a couple kinds of cheese.  It was rich enough to be cheesecake.  The dogs agree.  I’m really watching the sugar and fat these past few months.  So, this was quite an indulgence.  And by next year, I may have finally gone vegan so my roadtrip food photos will go further downhill to shots of carrots or tofu chunks.


OK then — we’re all full and happy and tired here.  I might be able to wrap up Denver tomorrow or by Saturday morning if the sun continues to cooperate.  I think I’m pretty much on schedule.  But we’re not even halfway through this trip yet.

Don’t forget about the “higher quality” subjects & photos over at Flickr from today as well:

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