Day 34: Southwest Colorado and Onward

The interstate got the best of me last night.  I managed to get through more than 500 miles and close enough to the Missouri border to allow myself a nap.  That I never got up from.  Perched here in Lawrence, KS.   I should be able to get through Missouri — with hopefully a few stops that involve humans which had to be postponed from earlier in this trip.  Then, I have to interstate it through Illinois and Indiana.  So, again, you might have to wait til the following morning for the blog post.  I’m realizing now that what I usually do on these big interstate treks is tough it all out at once — and then write you from home.  But this trip was designed to make that stretch less painful since I’ll only have one not-so-bad interstate mess home after Cincy.  But right now, this highway stuff is just awful.  Starbucks ain’t working for me now.

Anyhow, on with the photos since the sun is nearly up.  I finished tidying up the little corner of Colorado yesterday.  Not a tremendous amount of stops but it will save me some time this summer when I take on Colorado more seriously.  It’ll mean a bit more Utah and/or Montana can be included.

From Fowler — the local paper still in production:


A mid-century modern dome in Rocky Ford — aka the Melon Dome:

The Rocky Ford High School teams are known as the Mighty Meloneers — not exactly a terrifying mascot but they do their best to make it work:


Also from Rocky Ford — this motel sign photo marred by the shadow from a pole:


These two are from La Junta:


Also La Junta.  I love mileage signs like this.  Especially since I’ve had mileage on my brain for the past couple days.  Constantly calculating to figure out how to get to Cincy on time — but not miss stops on the way if I can make them:


A couple from Springfield:


Now a BBQ place:


From Cheyenne Wells.  I have no idea what this deco / streamline building was used for:


And, lastly, from Burlington.  The tree on one side, the sun on the other.  Had to go with this funky angle:


Time to hit the road.  I’ll try to get the next post to ya tonight — but if the interstate beats me up again, don’t panic if it’s not uploaded til the morning.



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