Day 12: Pert Near Perfect in Mid-Michigan

Gorgeous sunny skies with wonderful white clouds for the most part of the day.  Unfortunately, a low volume day for photos with lots of miles between stuff.  But it was lovely to drive through anyway.  Beginning and end of the day grey and yucky.  It would be smart to sit those parts of the day out and not shoot.  But I’m so far behind, I can’t afford time wise to do that.

Sparkle’s “service soon” light was on for the first couple hours.  Then it went away completely for the next 10 hours.  It was cooler today:  70s & 80s.  Maybe we’re far enough north now to be missing that horrid weather which has melted all of Oklahoma to the ground by now.  Lots of water everywhere here — giant ponds and lakes with easy access for the dogs.  Gorgeous, unattended grassy fields.  Easy to fantasize for a bit about living here until I remember how cold it gets.

My head is much better today after yesterday’s fiasco.  I can’t see it in a mirror since it’s the very back of my head — but it feels like about a 3 inch by 1 inch gash.  No swelling.  When I sprinted across a road to take a photo today, I’d feel some throbbing — but no headache or dizziness that made me think about a doctor.  The worst of it is my fingers and palms which are covered with cuts and bruises.

On with the photos now and early to bed.  Let’s start with one from Ludington — the Sand Bar — sun would have helped this one.  Much nicer at night:



At the Manistee Cleaners in Manistee:

From Baldwin:



I spoke with the owner today about this one in White Cloud.  I’d rather it was a UFO – but it’s really a top — original or previous name was Tops Restaurant.  The owner said he’s soon going to repaint this sign and put the current name on it (“Nonna’s”).  I’m assuming that pole must have had another piece above the sign.

From Fremont — double special.  Nice black vitrolite tiles on the building — and a sign with embossed letters.  Holes for the neon that was once there.  Maybe triple special since the place is still open:



From Mount Pleasant — shooting pretty much into the sun.  I imagine this place was gorgeous before they got carried away with the stucco “renovation”.   Most likely glass block and possibly other trim in the part of the building at the right:



From Bay City:



Also Bay City — a vacant Martinizing Cleaners.   Very sad.



On a happier note, final photo for the night, also Bay City — and still open.   A tacky digital LED screen below which I’ll crop and spare you:


Tomorrow, we should wrap up Bay City, Saginaw, the “Thumb” and get some northern MI done.  Setting up the U.P. for Friday.  Hoping to finish up Michigan by Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Day 12: Pert Near Perfect in Mid-Michigan

  1. three?!? three inches by one inch?!? i think you should go to an outpatient place and get that shiz looked at and sewed up, debra jane. i am all for continuing to hack away at your list of places to photo but i’m also interested in you having the option for future trips and coming back in one piece.

    you may feel fine but i think you should at minimum get it looked at by a professional. please.

    /concerned rant


    the baars pharmacy is pretty freaking cool!

    • More than 48 hours now and I’m fine. It stopped bleeding by that night and is healing up nicely already. Hardly hurts to touch it. My fingers though are still pretty ouchy (banged up) and neck still a little stiff. I hadn’t considered whiplash — but that was a possibility the way I was sliding and falling. If it had been a natural pond, I’d have had traction. But if it had been too deep to walk in then Nik would’ve had an all you can eat Duck Dinner since I can’t swim.

  2. DJ,
    If my rant yesterday had no weight, I agree with Erika that you NEED to have your wound(s) checked out!

    Love the former Dawn Donuts roof.
    The non fuzzy dino has a great face.

    Get looked at!

    • My wounds are healing nicely. As you know now, I have to be just about dead before I seek medical attention. Too much to shoot & a couple days behind. Plus I don’t think they allow dogs in the waiting room and I don’t know where I’d put them that they wouldn’t die from the heat of the parked van. I easily could have broken a leg or an ankle in that faux pond — but luckily, that didn’t happen! Dealing with crutches would really slow me down. Sparkle’s pretty darned high to climb in and out of I’d imagine with those.

      I reshot all the Dawn Donuts at my website page – plus stumbled into two that I didn’t know about. I hadn’t seen photos of those dinos — had only heard about the one. So quite delighted to see them both!

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