Day 30: Creeping along in Northern OK

Just the most ridiculous day to be trying to take photos.  Pouring rain, thunderstorms, all day.  Rain sort of stopped around 5pm but still very dark.  So, I did what I could.  At one point in Stroud, it was just so torrential, I pulled over for a two-hour nap.  Not like me, but it was that futile.  Luckily, most of my shooting was a) in remote areas and b) buildings rather than signs.  Signs really need light to make them pretty whereas buildings are more straight documentation.  Although blue & clouds always help!

The dogs were a bit nuttier today from not enough exercise.  I did what I could but I just didn’t feel like standing in the rain while the sniffed around.  I was getting wet enough from trying to take photos.  It really takes time all that wiping of the camera and maneuvering the van into just the right spot so I could shoot from inside when it was pouring.  But I wasn’t pushing for any world’s records today.  Just pouting and plodding through my list on auto-pilot.

A bit of Route 66 stuff today as well as small cities north of OKC.  This place in Arcadia, POPS, was built just after I was here last.  Quite a fun little place.  Warning turn your volume off for their website:

An ultra modern gas station (the prices were the highest I’ve seen).  Even the bathrooms were pretty fancy.   There’s a cafe, the usual gas station type convenience items with a HUGE inventory of sodas from all over the country. I stocked up on a six-pack of assorted sodas I’ve never seen before.  Maybe I’ll get a photo tomorrow of them if the weather’s better.  I’ll probably hang onto them until I get home.  POPS giant bottle has gotten a lot of press.  The bottle is lit (LED tubing) and animated at night:

And the building itself — with bottles visible in the windows.  It really is quite shocking to have something this modern in the middle of farmland:

As I was gas-ing up, I noticed this van parked nearby.  The name of “Sit Means Sit” immediately sounded like bad news to me.  I doubted that this was positive, reinforcement-based training:

I took a peek at their website — and sure enough the first thing I noticed at their website was this $210 dog collar.  Hoo boy.  What that means folks — and I don’t think it’s clear from the video that I watched about 3/4 of the way through before I got an error — is that the dogs are getting shocked.  You would sit, too, if you were getting shocked for not sitting.  What I think is happening in the video is the dog is being “taught” forced to pay attention to the owner OR ELSE he/she will get shocked.  By the “teacher” with a remote control to the collar.  Jesus!  Don’t get me started.  Not the topic for this blog, I know.  But really, there are no quick fixes for changing behaviors — dogs or humans.  Would you put one of these collars on your kids?  If you ever have a “problem” you want to deal with, please take your dog to someplace that uses clickers and cheese — not torture devices.  For humane, relationship-building approaches to dog training, may I recommend watching “It’s Me or the Dog” (Victoria Stillwell) and NOT “The Dog Whisperer” (Cesar Milan).

Now, where was I.  Oh yeah, buildings, signs & statues.  While in Arcadia, I took a peek at this house that was built to look like a Phillips 66 station:

Speaking of Phillips 66 stations, I stopped to check on the one in Chandler.  This one’s looking a bit shabbier than the last time I saw it.  I see they’ve recently switched the sign pole.  Why?  I like the one lying on the ground much better (foreground second photo).

Had to shoot this one in Cushing:

Another abandoned Fotomat but not as shabby as the one in Oklahoma City.  This one is in Guthrie:

In Stillwater, I was trying to find a building and asking the locals about it in a Walgreens.  I never did find that building but I did run into the Easter Bunny!  Purchasing a chocolate bunny.  Very bizarre.

Plans for tomorrow for more Northern OK stuff.  If the weather continues to suck, I’ll skip Tulsa for a day or two and shoot the stuff east of there.  It looks like better weather later in the week.  Let’s hope!

10 thoughts on “Day 30: Creeping along in Northern OK

  1. oh man, that easter bunny picture made me gasp and almost choke on my tea — and i can’t stop laughing….. that made my crappy Easter day thanks debra jane! there’s something both sinister and just well awesome about the pic and your writeup about it — oh jeez. must stop laughing.

    glad you went on your rant about the dog training. i wish everyone worked to build such great relationships with their dogs — and took responsibility for ownership and training like you do.

    i am bemused by the Pop sign. how could you NOT want to climb all over that thing. even i (not a climber) gave it a thought before i saw the sign….. very dumb.

    sorry the weather is shite. glad you aren’t in st. louis with the tornadoes and stuff. great pics despite the murky clouds.

    • Yeah, I’m glad I’m far from St. Louis right now. Looks like another crappy day here. No rush to get started. I just loved the Easter Bunny buying chocolate. It’s little things like that that I’ll remember most about trips like this.

  2. DJ,
    I know you would prefer not to have any rain. BUT: I MISS lightning & thunder! I could probably count on one hand how many times we’ve had any here. Boo.

    Anyway, seems like a good idea for your nap. Sensible.

    POPS looks like an interesting idea. The bottle looks like fun after dark. Not so much during the day. Their web site isn’t doing them any favors though. The video links didn’t work & huh? Who wants to look at crappy 3d artist’s renderings of the place? Yuck. If it wasn’t for your pictures & some other videos, you wouldn’t know what it looks like.

    The sodas you got: You selected your own, right? Seems like I probably wouldn’t have ever seen about 590 of the 600 they claim they have.

    HA! Just caught Victoria Stillwell’s show Saturday night. Lost track of when she was on so got to see a new episode! Last time I tried to watch her they were showing the same stuff over & over. Never saw Milan.

    Hope for dry Monday with sun. Like to see your sodas.Happy shooting.

    • Yes, I chose my own sodas — really tough. Like 30 cream sodas, 50 root beers, 30 oranges, etc. That’s a guess. I tried to get no two same flavors. Will try to shoot for tonight. Victoria has it right. It’s all about the cookies. And just plain exercise. Cesar is all old-school, domination crap. And if you study closely, you’ll see he uses shock collars and horrible collar corrections, etc. He gets away with it because he’s charming and funny. But I’m sure there are lots of people getting mauled out there because of his techniques. Don’t get me started.

  3. I suspect you know that the Phillips 66 styled house in Arcadia is the creation and home of writer/photographer Jim Ross. And I’m going to guess that you’ll be at the old DX station in Afton in the next day or two. If so, say hi to Laurel for me.

    • Yes, it was no accident that I found/shot that Arcadia faux P66 house. I’ve read about it but never stopped to see it before. I’ve shot the station in Afton before, of course. I usually only stop & shoot at each destination for about 5 seconds. A LOT of stuff on my list. Only a teensy bit gets posted to Flickr & the blog. My website is really my focus.

  4. Victoria makes me giggle because she gets to be extremely direct to her human students and they still love her. If I had ever said anything to my students like the things she says to those dog owners on the show I would have gotten fired faster than you can say “Negative Punishment.” Perhaps I need that car and those boots she wears….

    • I love her! And what we’re seeing is the edited version. I’m sure she gets fed-up with many of her clients and just leaves them in a cloud of dust in that sports car she drives.

  5. That P-66-esque house is really interesting. Nice tribute kind of a thing. Hope the weather improves for you so you get some decent shots in the next few days you’re in the area.

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