Day 27: Trudging along in Central OK

It was a positively awful day to be shooting.  Started out heavy fog & grey and then segued into light sprinkling, then pouring rain by mid-day.  A day that no one in their right mind should’ve been even trying.  But I wanted to bang through a bunch of scattered about cities so I can start focusing on Oklahoma City for a couple of days.  I didn’t get nearly as far as planned what with the weather and its impact on my usually hustling pace.  But, good enough, hoping for a little better tomorrow.  Some forecasts have alarming references to “possibly large hail”.  What?  What should I do in that case — head for the nearest Sonic Drive-in and hide Sparkle under the canopy?

Then the last hour of the day was pretty stressful as the passenger-side windshield wiper is pretty much broken.  All flippity-floppity — thinking it could break at any second and hopefully not scratch the windshield all up.  So first thing tomorrow, I have a Chevy dealer located — time to deal with what I hope is a quick fix.  These wipers are less than six months old so no way I could have predicted needing new ones.

Otherwise, just trying to keep the camera dry and getting the dogs out between downpours.  Let’s move on to tonight’s miserable offerings.  Nothing I’m proud of for sure.  A couple of signs from Madill.  Hobo Joe’s restaurant:

and this cute one of peanuts roasting their butts:

From McAlester — neat bank drive-thru building:

And hanging on the side of building, an antiques sort of place, in McAlester’s Oldtown:

From Muskogee:

Also Muskogee — in front of a chiropractor’s office:

More Muskogee.  Yes, a cheap plastic box sign — but with a pretty nicely done illustration:

And on a somewhat more cheerful note, I’m trying but it’s not easy today, from Muskogee’s Economy Pharmacy.  This sign was probably animated but now just static with the one atomic ring lit:

Better luck tomorrow.  I know Oklahoma desperately needs the rain — but this truly sucks for me.  And it looks like no real sun until Tuesday.  That’s a lot of cranky, whining posts to put you through!

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