Day 3: Gloom and Doom in MA

Another grey day here.  Hardly any traffic but lots of miles between stuff.  Towns that I’ve already mined before and New England quaintness equals not much chance of hit-the-brakes stop & shoots.  Also some disappointments (stuff that’s now gone).  So not a very fruitful day in terms of photo quantity or quality. 

The forecast for tomorrow is not good.  They’re expecting a foot of snow in NYC and about the same here in Boston area.  Should start tomorrow AM.  So… I guess I’ll be heading for home first thing in the morning and will have to pick up the rest of my list sometime in the  spring.  If they’re completely wrong about all this and the sun’s out, I might stay a couple of hours to shoot a few things.  But really I shouldn’t.  The holiday traffic will be bad enough with the additional panic of impending snowstorm. 

Since I was up so late last night and still got up extra early to organize, I’m gonna treat myself to some sleep tonight and make you wait til tomorrow night or Monday for today’s batch of photos.  I’m making a note to self for next Xmas to head south instead of north.  Nighty night.

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