Day 2 of 2: Catskill-ish Weekend

The weather folks were wrong.  Again.  Not a minute of sun all day.  Sigh.  So lots of grey photos and places that I’ll need to reshoot again someday.  But you never know when something will disappear so best to shoot whenever you can.

A low volume day for blog photos.  Just not that many surprises along our path which was mostly farmland and interstate.  

From Naples, which is in wine country — therefore, lots of vines and grapes in this nicely detailed Deco entryway:

Also from Naples.  We’ve got lots of these red berries in Brooklyn right now.  Grem eats the fallen ones like M&Ms much as I try to prevent her from it.  I guess they’re not toxic in small quantities.  Anyone know what they are?  And just how harmful they are if eaten?

A pleasant surprise — looks like they’re getting to work on the New Family Theatre in Mount Morris:

There’s lots of stuff in Rochester I’ve yet to discover.  Fer instance, I’ve missed this mid-century box-on-a-box til now.  Didn’t get close enough to get a building name — anyone know?

The doggies’ romps were fast and furious today since it was about 20 degrees pre-windchill & dampness factor.  One fun site was here at the Silver Lake Twin Drive-in in Perry.  Snow!! from the previous day:

I’ll wrap up with one more from Madison — this unexpected and fun sign:

Come on back at Christmas (my birthday) for a four-day trip.  The dogs and I will be heading to CT, MA & thereabouts.

8 thoughts on “Day 2 of 2: Catskill-ish Weekend

  1. Let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday.
    I guess my SUN DANCE didn’t work,eh? Maybe it was sunny in Brooklyn?
    Glad at least you had some definition in some of the clouds, it does add to the photos that you can see them in: the former Tower gas station shot in
    Sherburne.Very nice, & the best looking redo I think for those stations. I do agree that I HATE a blank white sky!Yuck.Glad you didn’t get rained on at least, eh?
    Wow, what a lot of cool neon chickens this trip & the last! Can’t get enough of them.
    “Bronco Tom Turkey”: I’m speechless.
    Rochester Fire Department Headquarters : Is that rust coming down from ,
    what? Too bad ’cause it’s so cool otherwise.

    Once again, good work, DJ.

    • Thanks — birthday is Xmas Day — easy to remember. I heard it was sunny in NYC while we were gone. Worse than rain would have been snow — can’t shoot in that. I fear we might get that in December. I can’t imagine whatever replaces that restaurant to adopt Bronco Tom. Glad I got to see & shoot him while I could. It did appear to be rust. I got more reshoot photos of the bldg. which is just plain incredible. But really need to do it again with sun.

  2. More on Midtown Tower:
    From Midtown Project Schedule:

    October, 2009 – City Selects Morgan Management/Christa Development Partnership as preferred developer for the Midtown Tower. The plan includes 24 condominium units, 186 rental apartments and commercial space.

    Check out the City’s website

  3. I do like the construction camera on Rochester’s site. Even though you can’t move the cam like they say you can. Chicago’s Block 37 did have a cam which panned & zoomed during their construction. Rochester won”t have anything to show for quite awhile so if you want to check out the twiliight shots or weather,that’s about it. BUT: S.F. & Chicago both have crapppy or out of service live cameras.Disappointing.
    My take on Midtown Tower as it is: Meh.Dooes nada for me.
    My opinion of this:


    If you return to take more photos of it, hope it don’t break Dee. Oops, too harsh?

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