Day 1: NY Mini Trip

Did you miss us?  The dogs and I are taking a break from the routine and doing a little New York state four-day trip.  I have long neglected my own backyard thinking I can shoot stuff here in my home state any old time.  But that time never  seems to come and the dreary, blurry, ancient photos at my site are proof.  So this ambitious trip is an attempt to remedy that.  No map for this trip so I’ll just say it’s a giant loop north to Lake George-ish, then west all the way to Buffalo, and then down south-ish through Binghamton, etc.  My stack o’ maps looks like a week’s worth so time may run out by Buffalo.

I haven’t even begun working on getting the summer Midwest photos inserted at my site.  I came home to an avalanche of emails and other must-deal-with stuff.  I also made a valiant attempt to make updates to the site:  stuff that’s gone, repainted, remodeled. etc.  I have a list of at least a thousand things to update and only made it through a few hundred.  Maybe I can catch up this winter.

Back to today… According to the forecast all week, today was supposed to be stellar sunny.  But it was really mostly dreary grey.  Today’s Flickr photos won’t reflect that since I post only the prettiest & sunniest stuff there.  But the sampling of photos I share with you here are unfiltered weatherwise.   Here goes.

Stop #1 was in Yonkers for a couple things including this sign that’s been on my list for awhile.  I assume this was a restaurant but that’s just a guess.  Nothing there now that seems to be related.  Not website-worthy but delightful nonetheless:

The “Wedgwood Professional Center” in Hartsdale.  Painted Wedgwood pottery blue?  I know nothing about this place’s history but love the faux barn & cottagey building.  Also a fun weathervane-y windmill on top of the entrance gate.  A guy walking by with his dog said he thought the place was “spooky” looking.  I would say “cute” or “quirky” but don’t see “spooky” here, do you?

From Elmsford.  The neon was on during the day but it was more apparent in person:

A nice projecting clock at a furniture store in Poughkeepsie.  It was way up there — maybe 4th story or so:

I can only think of a few neon realtor signs from around the country.  This one in Saugerties is unfortunately penned in between trees so it doesn’t allow for pretty photos.

At a tire store in East Greenbush.  A Michelin Man and his dog.  Did he have a dog?  This is a wood carving so I assume it’s a one-of-a-kind statue.  Looks like someone backed into the poor dog.

Here’s one for you rusty-crusty fans.  I assume that metal mesh was put there to protect the neon ages ago.  I can’t imagine that this sign is still lit at all now.  There’s something inspiring about this sign’s resilience, no?

A two-fer — both signs at the same business.  Bulbs, plastic, neon — this one’s got it all!

A florist’s window on Central Ave.  I’m assuming this neon is modern — but maybe not.  Very nice either way:

So simple, so wonderful:

Meet you back here tomorrow for more!

5 thoughts on “Day 1: NY Mini Trip

  1. Dear Princess of Da Road,
    Well, I was just going to email you and ask when your mini trip was gonna start and here you are! Now, where was I? Oh yeah. Pinwheels in the fridge. OK, I did like you said and I think it improved them a bit. But don’t think I’ll get anymore soon. But I haven’t had any Pepperidge Farm cookies in awhile. Maybe Bordeaux, Brussels, or Milanos. Yeah.
    Anyway, I was going to tell you of some dead links on the website but I’ll hold off on that.

    The Lombardo’s sign is great. I assume that not all of the neon is working ?Could be extra great if it did. Hey, it’s not like you to have a day & night shot of the same thing. How did you get back there?

    The Michelin dog looks like a cake thats been chewed on . Sorta like the lamb cake my Grandma used to make for Easter.

    Wedgwood Center: Eh, not a fan BUT do love the pointing hand sign. Very neat. OK, that’s all. Nice to see you & the hounds having fun on the road again.

    • Pinwheels are an annual thing for me — they never disappoint. It’s the contrast of the crisp shell and chewy ‘mallow. I’d classify them as upper white trash. Pepp. Farm are fine in a pinch. Another cookie staple for me is Keebler’s Dark Chocolate Almond Sandies. Usually a pack in the dog crate in the van for most of these trips. But they’re sensitive creatures and fall apart in the heat/humidity.

      Dead links run rampant at my website. Too many other sites come and go. News articles have limited shelf life and change their links. I could spend the next ten years and then have to start all over again. Maybe having links is just a plain dumb idea. I wish there was technology to just make them go away from my site as they died.

      Lombardo’s sign was missing a bit on both sides. I chose this side to show because of the little blue diamond at the bottom. It was out on the other side which had more of the vertical lines. But I think it’s just an ongoing fix & refix — I don’t think this one is heading for neglect. You might go back in a month and find it 100% working — or only 90%.

      Mich. Man: I always break for advertising icons & dogs of course. I looked it up this morning and he DID have a dog — named “Bubbles”. Or maybe he still does. Funny, I don’t remember ever seeing him before:

      Wedgwood — I like the odd pairing of bldgs. Seems usually designers pick one style and go with it. I love the barn-roofed shaped arch. Lots of little details to this one.

    • Forgot to reply re: day & night shots of the same thing on the same day. Usually, when that rare instance happens, the day shot is from the late afternoon and the night shot is from the early evening — when I’m staying in the same place where the sign is located.

    • No idea — it was just something I saw & shot. I know they’ve done Winter Olympics in Lake Placid — but that’s a bit of a drive from here. And checking on-line — it looks like that was only 1932 and 1980. So I really don’t know.

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