Day 9: Still Stuck in Fort Wayne

I can’t begin to describe how frustrated, angry, and miserable I am. No photos today since I spent the entire day, nearly pacing, at the repair shop. When I finally got handed the keys, it was 3:30 and they closed at 4. Sure enough, I got about 5 miles away, and “the sound” returned. I called them immediately and the desk woman said she’d have the mechanic wait for me (I was 5 minutes away). But he left, dinner reservations. And I’m stuck waiting until tomorrow morning. Sucks, sucks, sucks.

Today, the computer code came up with Sparkle needing a “cam sensor”. So the mechanic replaced that. Also, he discovered a loose rotor on the distributor which he believed was causing the dash noise. Latest theory, based on the desk woman’s call to the mechanic, is that the bearing on the distributor is bad. Tomorrow, he will replace the distributor first thing in the morning and I should be on my way. I’ll hit a few stops in Fort Wayne and do a little loop of other stops just in case I need to return. Ugh, sure hope not!

The dogs had a great day since there were two girls (the desk woman’s kids) stranded there as well for the day. The girls were all over the dogs all day: giving them Cheetos for tricks, taking them on walks around the building, etc. So the dogs didn’t get naps at all today and are even more exhausted than I am.

It feels like I’ve been stuck here for a week. It’s hard to even remember the fun things I’ve seen and places I’ve been. It’ll take me a few thousand miles to get my mind off the mechanical status of my van and back into the joy of this journey. Here’s hoping tomorrow night, I will have happier stories & interesting photos for you.

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