Day 1: Mostly Philadelphia

Alright — I’ll have a go at catching up.  But it’s after 11pm and I’m two days behind.  Fantastic weather — all sun and long days since it’s summer.  Makes for a very long but productive shooting schedule.  Although, since it’s 4th of July weekend, I’ve had a lot of extra traffic — both in the cities and the bumpkin routes.  I’ve found tons of golf course-like mowed fields for the dogs to run in.  All is good — way more than good.

Let’s get to it.  A few quick pitstops in NJ first en route to PA.  Bumped into this place in East Windsor.  This is apparently an adapted gas station.  But I can’t explain the tower on the roof.  Guess they just tried to make it charming?  I love hand-painted signs — and this one gets extra credit for the painted hand.  Seems to be long vacant now:

A real vintage diner lurks under the roof & pebble stone of Fernando’s Grille in Hamilton.  Looks like this place is for sale:

I’d been wanting to see / shoot this place for awhile.  The Eet Gud Bakery opened in Trenton or Hamilton (depends who you talk to) in 1929.  Lots of neon and personality.  Yes, that’s Sparkle in the background of the first photo — who will come very close to the 250,000 milestone on this trip:

And, yes, I picked up some snacks for later — gotta show my support!  Here’s a “cherry meltaway” — displayed in my classic pose now — on the dash with the maps & itinerary for the day.  The scale might be hard to tell from this shot — think donut sized:

In Philadelphia, I bumped into a nice mid-century library — another inadvertent appearance from Sparkle.  Really, I can’t help it.  I’m always hopping in and out and parking illegally.  I try to keep both me and her out of the shots the best I can.  Birds always seem to love these plastic letters:

I discovered this place in Philadelphia about 10 years ago and am always relieved that it’s still there.  This is the only example that I have seen of one of these turn-table gadgets.  When space it tight, you would drive onto the turntable, make a delivery or pick something up, and then you (they?) would spin your car the other direction on this to exit.  Not the best phrased explanation but I hope you get it.  Sadly, the turntable hasn’t been used for decades.  Are there any more of these things out there anywhere now?  Unfortunately, this place has updated their sign with a much plainer one.  This was how it looked in 2003:

Lots more Philadelphia.  I’ve never seen a Texaco sign like this before.  It points at the former station across the street.

No time for Google searches — but I assume this building is modern — meaning contemporary not mid-century modern.  Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong.  This is part of the Moore College of Art & Design:

I finally sucked it up and forked out $13 bucks or so and parked the dogs in the shade to see the Giant Heart (see tonight’s Flickr stream) at the Franklin Institute.  While there, I found some other interesting things to make the expense worthwhile.  Here’s a revolving display of different animal hearts:

Some playground style arteries:

A bone bench:

A skeleton on an elliptical treadmill.  It was moving so you could see how the bones function:

A conceptually cool snack vending machine — Snack-o-Rama — when you select an option, it tells you facts about your choice (healthy or not).  My “meltaway” would have set off alarms I’m sure:

More on the food theme…  I haven’t been by the Philly Cheesesteak Center of the World lately.  I must say Geno’s has gone over the top on their signage — while Pat’s remains low-key and traditional.  Lines were just as long at both places:

In the spirit of the holiday, I gathered up three Uncle Sam offerings for you yesterday:

#1 — one of those air-filled-crazed things — can’t remember the proper terminology right now.  This guy was at Waltz Golf Farm in Limerick:

#2  — This guy in the window of the famous Termini Brothers Bakery in Philadelphia.  His upper torso moves back and forth rather creepily:

And lastly — this neat painted ad in the window of Guaranteed Plumbing & Heating in Philadelphia:

I hope you all are having a nice 4th.  I’ll start working on today’s stuff but I can’t guarantee I’ll get it done tonight.  Oh, and before I forget to mention it, the photos in these blog posts are clickable (clicking on them gets you a bigger size).  Also, I should mention to newcomers, that I upload different photos to Flickr every night on these trips as well:

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