Day 30: Racing through Kentucky

This always happens on these trips. As exhausted as I am, I don’t want to go home.  Especially when the sun is shining and I have stacks of maps and lists yet undone.  A sane person would have hit the highway today and been halfway home by now.  But I was determined to knock out stuff around Louisville so that I can focus on the eastern part of KY next spring.  I still have a few more stops in and around Louisville for tomorrow morning.  I’m tempted to dawdle a bit more in KY as I have some stuff that I really wanted to get to on this trip.  But it’s an 11 hour drive from Louisville to NYC.  So I’ll give myself a cut-off of no later than noon before I hit the interstates in a big way.

Grassy lots today for the dogs.  Nik and Grem were very disappointed when they could clearly see the gigantic river(s) from Paducah and Louisville today — and didn’t get to go!  As exciting as these trips are, I think we’re all more than ready to be home.

A few shots from Paducah.  It looks like they removed the vitrolite panels above the shop to add those air vents?

I love the way the zigzags of the lights and roofline complement each other:

There’s got to be a name for this style roof but I’ve never heard of anything.  The lollipop style sign is great, too:

Moving on to Henderson — love the way the parts of this building are stacked:

So this must have been a gas station originally — though I’ve never seen one of this design before:

An awesome Art Deco building:

A trio of signs from Owensboro:

Over to Bardstown:

And later, finally, into Louisville.  A couple detail shots from Stephens Drugs:

Right next door, this neat barber shop & beauty salon:

No food shots tonight — but I can give you a modern pickle sign from Louisville.  The place features fried pickle chips.  No, I didn’t get any:

And last one from Louisville — to go with the other parking signs I blogged about in New Orleans a week ago or so:

The next “wrap-up” post will be from home with more photos from the final day.  I can’t promise it’ll be Monday but it should be no later than Tuesday night.

7 thoughts on “Day 30: Racing through Kentucky

  1. Hope you enjoy a safe trip home, DJ. This is the first time I’ve followed your daily trip progress and I must say, I don’t know how you have the stamina. But you got some outstanding shots, even some in my relative backyard. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks — glad you enjoyed sharing the adventure. I arrived home just now with not an ounce of energy left in me. One more post tomorrow. Tons of photos that didn’t appear at Flickr or the blog that will be gradually and eventually all added to the website. Join us again in August! A Midwest trip planned then — which seems both too soon and not soon enough at the same time.

  2. I hate it when they put modern awnings over and cover up zig-zagged roofs… there’s a couple of places here where they did that…

    Lots of neat pics!

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