Day 6: North Carolina Pt. I – in the sun!

Now we’re talkin!  I’m never going home.  Never going back to my job.  I’m just going to stay out here  on the road taking pictures until Visa catches up with me.  Well, in a couple more weeks, I might feel differently.  But for now, it’s great to take my jacket off finally and get some pretty photos.  I made good progress – very little traffic.  But it’ll still take three more days in this state and I’m not even sure I can finish my stack by then.  It was great to finally reshoot some photos for my website that are from circa 2001 and look horrible.

The dogs got some good running in at a pet cemetery and some other quickie lawns here and there.  I do have some bona fide dog parks scheduled for NC.  Haven’t been to any on this trip so far.  No beaches for awhile though and probably too cold for swimming right now even in rivers or lakes.  I did see the very first sign of spring today — some cherry trees in bloom.  Very boring food today which included one of my regulars:  Panera’s veggie sandwich – delicious but not photo-worthy.

On with the show.  Here are a couple abandoned canopies from a former drive-in in North Wilkesboro.  This is all that’s left of the place:

Also in North Wilkesboro, the Liberty Theatre.  I’d love to know what it originally looked like:

A cute little restaurant in Wilkesboro:

Welborn’s Snack Bar in Hamptonville is still open despite what you might think from this weathered sign:

Seems there’s a BBQ place nearly every ten feet in North Carolina.  Mr. Barbecue is in Winston-Salem:

Now, this sign wouldn’t be noteworthy if it were in TX or OK – but seems out-of-place in northern NC.  This is also in Winston-Salem:

This former Shell gas station was in Advance (I think):

At the end of the day, I made a little trip back across the border into Virginia to shoot a couple things in Danville.  While there, I came across these two nice buildings:  an Elks Lodge and a Masonic Temple:

Now, don’t panic if you don’t hear from me tomorrow night.  There’s a very good chance that I’ll be getting together with a friend.  If so, there won’t be time for the usual Flickr and blog thing.  I’ll have to catch up and give you a double dose on Friday.

4 thoughts on “Day 6: North Carolina Pt. I – in the sun!

  1. I’m always a bit amused at the idea that a happy dancing critter would be glad to serve as a mascot for a restaurant that served up their fellow animals. And maybe creeped out a little at the same time. When I was a kid, there was a hamburger joint in Chillicothe OH that had a logo of a sad looking, skinny cow. Didn’t exactly whet my appetite for a hamburger, I must say. As they say, what were they thinking. Or maybe I just think about it a little too much!

    • I guess it makes people feel better about eating animals if it looks like the animals are willing participants in it all. I’m not the one to offer great insight since I’m a vegetarian.

    • I know that one which looks identical to this was produced in Kentucky and known as the “rock and roll” model. I don’t know if all of these were produced by the same company or just copied around by many.

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