Canada Dry Buildings

I have long been fascinated with bottling plants.  As a child, I remember going on a field trip to the local Coca-Cola plant in Ventura, CA.  It was spellbinding watching the assembly line conveyor belts with bottles being filled and loaded into wooden boxes.  I don’t remember what that building looked like but I don’t believe that it’s still around.  There are probably 100 or so old Coca-Cola buildings that survive around the country.  However, there are very few examples of buildings from other brands.  I don’t know if it’s that the buildings were not noteworthy or if they were destroyed. 

Anyhow, I wanted to share this great little page of photos and research that traces the history and remaining examples of Canada Dry plants.

I have several examples of these 1940s Canada Dry buildings scattered around my website — here are a few:

In Silver Spring, MD – from 2006 when the building was being converted into the Silverton condos:

here’s the finished product:

In Minneapolis, MN – from 2008 when I believe it was being used as some sort of warehouse:

In Cincinnati, OH – from 2006 when it was home to the Giminetti Baking Co (which I believe is still there):

In San Diego, CA – from 2009, now obviously converted into a furniture store:

[photo above courtesy of Gregory May]
also, a photo of the front of the building at the store’s website: 

Keep an eye out for these distinctive buildings and let me know if you find any others.  If you’re interested in Coca-Cola and other bottling plants, here’s a link to that section of my website:

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