Day 31: 8/09 Heartland Tour (final post)

The last day of the trip was pretty unexciting.  Not much to shoot on I-80.  But there was a quick stop in Harrisburg, PA to shoot a few things.  Glad I forced myself to take that break.  There’s only so much that coffee and radio can do.

Across the street from a diner that I shot were these twin garages:


Some nice details on the one at the left:



And taking a lazy route back to the interstate, I came upon this funky sign.  Probably faux deco rather than the real thing but still fun:


The worst part of the drive was the last hour and a half.  Traffic backed up for about an hour in NJ waiting to get into the Holland Tunnel.  Ugh.  Bad enough but torture when you have to pee.  And then the hunt for parking for about a half hour.  Ah, life in the Big City.

So, let’s recap with some of the stats of this trip.  30 days, 11,900 miles, and $1942.56 in gas.  Sparkle ran flawlessly and now has over 220,000 miles on her.  Whoever says you have to get rid of a vehicle when it has 100,000 miles must never have had the pleasure of owning an Astro Van.  Grem only ran off, what, three times?  But I came home with all four of my monsters — and managed to help reunite a fifth dog with its owner. 

The rain, yes, the rain hampered my shooting a bit.  I haven’t counted up the photos but based on previous trips, I probably have about 4500 photos for the website.  Which will take some time to get ready, research, and insert.  I’ll make Xmas my goal.  You can keep an eye on the “what’s new” page at the website to monitor my progress if you like:

Settling back into the groove here.  I’m anxious to get back to the Midwest for Part II next summer.  I have untouched stacks of maps and lists right here staring back at me.  If somebody wants to send me say $10,000, I’ll go back there next week and finish up.

If you’ve been slogging through my blog on a daily basis and will now be suffering from withdrawal, you might want to check out the more “serious” stuff — the photos taken and uploaded simultaneously over at Flickr during this trip:

No food photos for you (although I could’ve gotten my NYC bagel I suppose) but I took a few of the dogs this morning for you to close with.  For those of you that are not familiar with “stoops”, they are a big part of city life at least out here in the Northeast.  Used kind of like a tiny porch — people hang out on the steps to talk, eat, have “stoop sales” (like garage sales).  Anyhow, this one is one of my favorites with the leafy detail right across the street from my apt. 


And then, this is my stoop — a larger shot to show you the worn but still nice detail on the front of it.  The steps lead up from the left to this part.  I’ve lived in this apartment for about 18 years so it’s about time I took a photo of this!



I hope you enjoyed our trek through the Midwest.  Come join us again in the spring when we head south.  Or just maybe I can sneak in a week or two before that to take a blogable trip in the long ignored Northeast.  Til then — may your own roadtrips and trips around town be enhanced with fun discoveries, tasty snacks, and great companions.

12 thoughts on “Day 31: 8/09 Heartland Tour (final post)

  1. I’ll bet there are a lot of folks who, like me, read your travel blogs religiously but just aren’t much for commenting. So on behalf of all us Silent Types, I say a big “Thank you!” for another fabulous album of photos. I look forward to your trips probably almost as much as the dog pack does!

    And speaking of the dogs, I wanted to also say that in addition to appreciating your photos (and photo choices), I really admire the kind of pet owner that you are. You seem to strike just the right balance between the amount of freedom you give them and the amount of protection your provide.

    I especially enjoyed the Dogs on Stoops shots. What a handsome crew!

    • Thanks! It’s nice to think I have “secret admirers” out there. I hope my photos inspire people to appreciate such “wonders” and take photos of them while they are here. I do think that joy and beauty can be found just about anywhere.

      As for the dogs — I do take a lot of risks by allowing them offleash in the places I do, with the temperaments that they have. But I like to think they are well-measured risks! Life, for dogs and humans, is too short to be too careful.

  2. Aw, I definitely think I will go through withdrawal, it was so fun to be able to ride shotgun with you on this trip. And it was fun getting to know the pups, too. That last photo of them looks like a band photo! Good luck with the organizing and sorting and I’ll be checking out the website and flickr too!

  3. Another great travelogue. You take the best trips! Thanks for sharing all the great stuff that most people don’t seem to see. We’re heading out in a couple weeks for a 10-day driving trip through the south and your blog has inspired us. Cheers!

  4. The art deco bar sign looks like the real deal to me! And I bow to you, getting all 4 dogs to pose and look at the camera in the same shot. My cat stares at me all day. But as soon as I get out the camera, he looks away.

    I always go through roadtrip withdrawal between your trips. And you do have quite a few silent fans, at least in my circle of friends and family. Again, you are a legend, Debra Jane!

    • Maybe it is the “real deal”. Now that I’m looking at it again, it looks old enough. But I don’t think I’ve seen double layering and rivets like that. And what the hell is that big dot at the bottom anyway?

      It’s getting harder to get those dogs to pose like that. I need to work on it during our “time off”. I’m sure you could train your cat to look at you while you shoot: lift camera -> something tasty -> repeat. Which is what I should be doing rather than my “watch” (verbal cue).

      If I did my blog when I was not on trips, I’d bore everyone to death. My life in the Big City is anything but exciting. Take care!

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