Day28: Cincinnati

OK — I’ve really fallen behind in getting you updates and photos.   I will have to catch up tomorrow.  I got us into Cincinnati around 11:30 after two two-hour naps.  Headed straight for the Sign Museum “library” then spent the day with Tod (the man behind the museum) seeing new acquisitions at the old space & checking out the new space.  There was even an interfamily dog romp at a dog park in Cincinnati.  Then off to dinner.  More about all this soon.  So 11pm, as tired as I am, not good for working on pictures or blogging.  Just wanted to let you know that we are indeed alive after that horrible late-night, rainy schlepp.  Tomorrow, last day to shoot — will probably just do some southern Ohio stuff & then start back on the  interstate towards home.

4 thoughts on “Day28: Cincinnati

  1. Hope your research at the Neon Museum was exciting! Have a nice Southern Ohio shooting day, and a safe drive home. So many miles you covered on this trip!

    • It was great but kind of frustrating. I barely made a dent. Next summer, I’m going to force myself to stop shooting for at least a full day & do a more thorough job of it. A big post coming tonight to make up for my absence. And tomorrow a 422 mile quickie to the front door.

  2. Safe travels home Debra. Another amazing body of work you’ve created on this trip. We’re lucky to be able to ride along. Thanks again for the exhausting work.

    • Thanks — glad you’ve been enjoying it. Don’t leave me just now! I have a really big post to get up tonight with loads of photos. And then a final sum-up when I get home.

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