Day 3: more north central Ohio

The sun came out today and stayed out!  Gave me some really fine photos & proved that this D40 is a serious machine.  I’ll have to bone up on white balancing, ISO-ing & the rest over the winter.  But for now, I’m very satisfied.  I still don’t get why that flash thingie pops up on like every single photo. 

I can’t even begin to list all the cities we were in today.  Still, didn’t quite get as far as fantasized.  And turns out my Michigan friend will be busy tomorrow when we’ll be there.  I can only afford a couple hours to grab some must-haves up there before getting back to business in Ohio.  I think I’m pretty much on schedule at this point.  But I predict that’ll change by Illinois. 

I didn’t take a lot of blog photos today. Not exactly sure why as I sure seemed busy with the camera.  Did I miss the weird stuff or was there none?  I’ll try to make up for it tomorrow.  The good news is, for me, less photos for me to fuss with tonight and I’ll get to bed earlier.  So let’s get to it!

I’ve been seeing these berry whatcha-ma-callits all over.  Don’t think I’ve seen them in my life before.  I’m counting on you botanical types for identification. 


The Sunset Drive-in in Mansfield.  And no, I didn’t pump up the orange in Photoshop — it really was that blinding in real life.  I don’t know what happened to the screen tower & marquee signs — tornado?


Those of you that are familiar with my site & Flickr stream know that I don’t shoot the very old stuff.  Not my era.  But I saw some of these ancient courthouses that were quite impressive.  This one in Wooster had one of those annoying bird-deterrent audio systems.  Screeching birdie warning calls piped over speakers.  The pigeons were so over it though and perching in the sculpted crevices anyway.



Here’s Grem’s normal riding position — perched on the driver’s side arm rest.  Doesn’t bother me since my arms are too short to use it anyway.  She braces that back right foot normally on the side of my arm.  But the rest of the time, even when it’s curvey, she seems to have paws of glue to balance this way. 


I watched her carefully today — only letting her off-leash for swimming where I can control her brain with copious amounts of Goldfish crackers.

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