Day 6: Northeast Quebec to Springfield, VT

Not a lot of destinations today.  Mostly grey with just a little rain.  A few quick teases from the sun.  Lots of miles between the remaining Canadian things on the list & most of it dull interstate.  Much coffee was consumed & satellite radio was played.

I found myself enough ahead of schedule that I decided to hit Montreal one more time.  A few days ago when I was there, I was disappointed when I could not find it at the address I had.  I was then (mis)informed by someone that the Giant Milk Bottle had been removed.  That night, I looked it up at Flickr & sure enough it was still there.  So since it was just a mere two-hour roundtrip loop out of my way, I just had to go back to get it.  And then another quick pitstop in Granby to reshoot the Blanche Neige which I had blurred.

Le Madrid is the closest to an American-style tourist trap that I have seen.  Located in Saint-Léonard-d’Aston, it is right off a major highway (l’autoroute 20).  It opened in 1968 as the Moulin Rouge restaurant.  Dinosaurs and monster trucks now lure in motorists in addition to the usual offerings of gas, food & lodging.  More about the place: here.






I found a little pondy boat launching place in Saint-Georges-de-Windsor for the dogs’ final romp in Canada.  Then it was off to the border crossing which took far less time than recent experiences — only about a half hour.  Then it was on to a few stops in VT before visiting & staying with a friend in Springfield.  I took the night off from blogging & flickring — hence the lateness in getting this post  up.

While shooting the Heritage Diner in Charlestown, NH, I came upon this statue in the parking lot.  I don’t know the artist of have any info about it.  The back-to-back explorer guy & Native American were apparently carved from the same log.



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