Day 3: Watertown, NY to Longueuil, QC

We covered a lot of ground today and, man, am I BEAT.  My apologies for the typos and grammatical errors to come in this post.  In case you just discovered my blog, these posts are written late at night when a sane person would be sleeping already.  No time for tweaking, polishing or proofing.  It is what it is.

Grey mixed with sun today.  A bit cooler — Days 1&2 got up into the 80s, up in the Thousand Lakes region & Canada, it got to maybe 70.   My French is coming back to me and I can stutteringly put together four or five word sentences with store clerks when I have to.

I’m slightly ahead of schedule but tomorrow starts out with Montreal.  I usually fall behind in big cities with traffic, one way streets, and just the sheer quantity of stops.  My list for Montreal isn’t huge though.  In the back of my mind, there’s a cute whale statue in Matane that I’d love to get to.  It’s about 4 hours northeast of anything else on my list.  So it will depend on how things go in the next few days whether I can make that day-long indulgence.  Old cement whales are just the sort of thing that shouldn’t be put off til another time.  They have a way of disappearing.

I really didn’t do proper research for dog parks for this trip.  So dealing with Gremlin, the “runner” of the family, has been challenging for me and frustrating for her.  Today, I came up with a “babysitting” method which means at least she can be out of the van for longer periods while I’m throwing for Nik.  Fixie is the “perfect child”, well nearly perfect anyway.  On roadtrips, she always comes the second I call her and she’s not into running much at all.  So after Fix’s initial burst of energy, I tether Grem to her and they can both go grazing.  Fix just ignores Grem’s feeble attempts to pull her since there’s a big size difference between them.


One of the nicest spots of the day — Prehistoric World in Morrisburg, ON.  The dinosaur statues were incredible enough but, in addition, most of them were installed in this incredible ferny forest.  A few mosquitos snacked on me but it was worth it.


I had never been to Ottawa before.  Only a few stops there on my list but I got a general sense of the  place.


Lots of poutine stands in Ontario and Quebec.  This truck is apparently permanently stationed here in Ottawa.  Being vegetarian, I don’t eat gravy.  I thought about the fries — but after a recent food poisoning episode, I couldn’t find the courage.


I did, however, manage to find room to sample some ice cream at Chez Ben in Granby.  Just a soft serve sundae but the “framboises” made it pretty special.  Note the weird spoon that’s actually colored as if it has chocolate on it. 


On to the signs and buildings…  This politically incorrect mammy sign was on a rooftop in Alexandria Bay, NY.  Whatever business it was associated with is long gone.


I found this sign in Ottawa pretty shocking.  [Translation from French if you need it:  “Keep an eye on your children.  This could be yours.”]


A nice bit of neon from Granby.  [translation:  Comeu & Sons Plumbing & Heating]


A classic, surviving “hotel” in Granby:


And another great sign & building from Granby:



And lastly, yet one more sign from Granby.  A car springs store that was apparently taken over by the Menard chain.  blog10

Time to curl up with the doggies now — big day in Montreal and beyond tomorrow.

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