Day 34: San Jose to Salinas, CA

San Jose took up most of the day. I had quite a lot of stuff there and it’s a bigger town than I thought (spread out). The weather got pretty hot — mid 90s and by the time I moved south, I saw bank clocks at 100 degrees. I’m hoping by noon tomorrow to be back on the coast for a few days. I won’t be in any rush to leave San Francisco for Nevada and Utah! Though stops will be much fewer by then as I’ll be pretty much hustling home. 12 more days to go.

The dogs were back in stickery fields today though I did find some skanky rivers to play in a couple times. Temperature extremes (the heat or the AC) seem to wipe them out — esp. in the afternoons. There’s usually a couple hours then when I can get in and out for photo-taking and nobody moves a muscle. The mornings (pre-finding that first place to romp) and evenings (pre-dinner) are the worst (barking and other forms of insanity).

All of today’s photos are from San Jose unless indicated. One of my favorite discoveries was this terrific piñata shop:


95% of the time when I go to re-enter the van after taking a photo, this is what I see. Grem moves into the driver’s seat and pretends to have been there for hours (even though it’s been seconds). She has her back to me and doesn’t make eye contact when I open the door. Denial that I will really boot her out? Sometimes she even softly growls at me as I nudge her over. Sheesh! The huge van, plenty of sun elsewhere, but no — she wants MY seat! P.S. That’s Fixie in the passenger seat looking miserably exhausted.


The 10th Street Pharmacy has this neat giant mortar & pestle:


I love this lotsa glass building:


A nice old cleaners — but what really gets me is “Miss Careful”:


A pay toilet — unfortunately, I wasn’t “in need” enough to pay & take photos inside. We have these in NYC and they are just as ridiculously huge and forbidding. Why can’t the city/cities just have fancy porta potties — and more of them. On this trip, I have gone right by a number of construction sites and if nobody’s around and I have to go, I just use the porta potty. Can they arrest me for that? Trespassing, private property?


An incredible, nicely preserved Squirt sign. The two sides were different so I include them both. Just looking at that bottle makes me thirsty.


Just one more sign before I go. This one for an exterminator company — kind of a clever, euphemistic name:

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